Hello Ghosts,

As we’ve seen questions being raised regarding the size of our patches for Ghost Recon Wildlands, we have asked the development team to provide an explanation on this topic.

Generally speaking, the size of our patches comes from the nature of the game. With Ghost Recon Wildlands being an open world game, our data structure is very sensitive and must be treated with caution in order to provide the best experience to our players. Our objective is to make sure players can explore our massive open world seamlessly, with efficient streaming performances, ie with no lag or freeze.

To keep our data optimized for streaming, we have made the choice to have what we call "cumulative" patches for our title updates. This means that each title update contains the updates that we had previously published. If for instance, you had previously downloaded TU7, TU8 will be downloaded and will replace the TU7 package that will get deleted for obvious storage reasons. This way, we make sure that all Ghost Recon Wildlands newcomers only have to download one single patch to be able to play the game.

This solution appeared to be the most efficient one in regards to the nature of our game and the frequency of our title updates.

We thank you for your understanding,

The Ghost Recon team