View Poll Results: Want Ghost Recon Phantoms Back Or Not

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  • Yes We Want It Back as Like It Was To Be

    461 91.11%
  • Yes Want It Back Controled by BatelEye

    173 34.19%
  • Give Server File To Other To Host The Game

    105 20.75%
  • Want To Hangout On That Game

    32 6.32%
  • Dont Want It Back

    2 0.40%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    +1 I love this game pretty much. Please bring it back I willing to pay to play this game..
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    Hey Ubisoft!

    It would be great, no, it would be excellent when you bring back Ghost Recon Phantoms. This F2P game was more than ahead of what it was doing when the game existed. I think giving the game
    a second chance with a huge updated in the way it looks, how the guns can be customized, how the armor can have certain kinds of mods but with a tactical twist for each class type and able to pick the type of bullets we will be using just like how it was before.

    Map design will be out of this world since we had other Ubisoft games similar to GRP.

    Things that could make the game much better than how it was before:

    have better ways to catch players who are using some for of hack or cheats
    come up with a better model than the pay to play aspect we once had
    better match making for the proper regions
    have a better relations with the community created within the game

    Be nice to have this game back in where it belongs, even if we have to pay for the game once, I have a feeling it will do more than great when it comes out again.
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    Bring back GHost Recon Fhantoms! This game is awesome! No one has been able to do this like you. You know that she was very, very popular. This is the only truly tactical shooter!
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    A great game killed off because it didn't satisfy Ubi's unrealistic standards

    This was a great game with an interesting playstyle, and was the only game of this type that was F2P. A shame.
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    Heeey is 2020!!!!!!
    Can we bring this game back to life?
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    Bring G.R.P game

    Please bring back Ghost Recon Phantom. Since GRP was close few years ago, I not yet find that can match GRP or replace GRP. I love the dynamic while playing the game and I love all customization both weapon, character and match mode. No game can match the customization like in GRP. I play GR Shadow Soldier and I almost try wildland, but seem nothing as fun as GRP.

    The only thing I hate in GRP is cheater and bugger. But I can kill them with 1 shot. So please bring the game back alive and let us give one more opportunity to play together

    Dear Ubisoft , please bring bakc G.R.P to live.... please
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