Hello Ghosts,

Moving forward, in order to properly be able to sort through and organize all of the feedback we will be receiving, we need your help. Before you post any feedback threads, please decide what kind of information you are giving us, and include that in your subject line. Subject lines of threads MUST BE TAGGED or they WILL NOT BE READ.

Example of a properly tagged subject line: [FEEDBACK] [OTHER TAG] Change ____ To make PVP better

Proper tags with the description of when to use them are listed below:

[FEEDBACK] <-- use this tag when you are giving your general thoughts on what you have experienced.

[SUGGESTION] <-- use this tag when providing a suggestion of something you would like to see added, taken away from, or otherwise changed in the game.

[BUG] <--When you see a genuine bug/glitch/or otherwise not working as intended feature in the game.

[CLASS NAME] <-- Insert the class name you are talking about to give feedback about that particular class

[MAP NAME] <-- Insert the name of the map in order to give feedback about that particular map in Ghost War.

[MATCHMAKING] <-- Use this tag to share any information you wish to give about what you see in our online matchmaking

[COMMUNICATIONS] <-- Use this tag in order to share feedback about in game communications

[WEAPONS] <-- use this tag in order to share with us feedback about the weapons

[DRONE] <-- use this tag in order to share feedback on the drones

[CUSTOMIZATION] <-- Use this tag to give us your thoughts on the customization in game

If you see something else specific that isn’t listed above, but you’d like to provide feedback on, please feel free to tag it accordingly as you see fit. The important thing to remember is:


Thank you so much for your assistance!