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    Will Anno 1800 have a built-in benchmark test. I would love to know if I need to upgrade my video card in order to run the game in the highest settings.
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    Will anno 1800 pioneers edition be made available in the U.S.? (Amazon)

    Isn't it easy to ship through Amazon? I'm not familiar with the logistics and costs, or the demand for pioneers edition in the U.S., but U.S. is a pretty large market in general and I've seen a few posts from people asking about this.
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    Steam Achievements

    Will there be Steam achievements added to the steam version of the game?
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    Originally Posted by TonyCrunch Go to original post
    Dear Ubisoft

    Will there be scenario's in Anno 1800 like in Anno 1404 (for example; get 2000 nobleman) ? I like to build a city from scratch and see it grow, but i prefer to have a goal to aim for.
    If i have a goal to aim at, i feel myself more engaged in building to that goal.

    Kind regards

    A: did u watched beta game-plays on Youtube? you have everything that u want. don't worry about it.
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    How does DLC work? As in is it shared, locked for anyone that doesn't have it, everyone needs to have it to play it or it depends on the DLC? Also, can you just switch them off, or once you have it, you need to use it always? Is it comparable to previous Annos? (I don't have 2070 or 2205 though.)
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    Hey Devs!

    Will the game have SLI support on launch?
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    Upgrades galore

    I adore Anno games, and the new one looks amazing; I watched few hours of gameplay on YT. One thing I miss in the game is the possibility to upgrade production buildings and buildings like church. Since buildable area on an island is always an issue as the game progresses, it would be nice to be able to upgrade the existing buildings instead of just building new ones. Islands have different fertilities so it wouldn't affect that part of the game, player would still have to settle new islands, but it could greatly help with city planning and building. We.ll have to take care of city's culture and looks, vulgarity and pollution etc. so it would be great if we could ie. upgrade the pig farm multiple times; 1. bigger main building, hires more people, production gets up for ~20%, 2. Adding modules to existing structure to further increase production, 3. Implementing new technologies that help with various problems (I don't know, 'sharper knives' to speed up the meat production, 'air filters' that would lower the vulgarity in the city or something like that)
    It would be awesome if other buildings could be upgraded, like farmer's demand a chapel, which can be upgraded to church for workers and later to cathedral for artisans. Small (village) and big (city) firestations. Maybe adding some medical buildings and a graveyard just for the sake of realism Village doctor's house, upgradeable to medical clinic and then to hospital...
    Also, considering we're on an island, would be great to be able to use more sea food than just fish, maybe upgrade fisherman's huts to whalers or something.
    Sorry for the long post and any mistakes, english is not my first language
    Can't wait to play 1800! <3
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    will you be able to play the savegames from the closed beta (from 31 januari) in the next beta (on 12 april)?
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    Hello, is Anno 1800 going to support widescreen 21:9
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    How will the DLC work? Is "The Anarchist" just a couple more missions in the campaign and an extra NPC in sandbox?
    Also we could already see more continents on the world map, will those have their own story campaign?
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