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    Share Your Good Vibes Songs

    The world in which we live is often a difficult one.
    Whatever heartache, pain or suffering you may see or experience, music is one of the few things that can truly change moods and attitudes. The right music at the right time can be a lifesaver.

    So, I want to invite everyone to tell a story of how music has caused something good in your life. Maybe itís a soppy story Ė how you met your other half at a rock concert or gave you the heart to take the dive into something you didnít expect to work out (but did!). Which song is central to that moment in your life? Maybe itís not soppy; maybe itís a story about how you came to realize the power and importance of music in your life.

    Alternatively, share your go-to song for feeling better Ė whether thatís a track that inspires you to do something, or simply a song you use to cheer yourself up. What song does that for you, and how did you discover it?

    Me personally? Its Rule the World by Walk of the Earth:

    I like its message: No matter what anyone says and does to one another, you can stand up and carry on, take a hold of and achieve any and all dreams.

    Your turn.

    Don't forget, this isn't a request thread; you can request songs on the website or discuss requests in more depth here.
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    My go-to mood changer happens to be a song that is in Rocksmith, so I'll show a gameplay video from Elison:

    For me it speaks to the universality of music and sneaks in a history lesson on R&B, jazz & soul in the process. You can hear Stevie smile as he sings!
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    This song never fails to put a smile on my face...

    As for my meaningful song... I was (and am) a huge Petty head. Always have been since very early in my life. This song has gotten me through some really crappy times. It speaks to who I want to be and, as I told my 9 year old autistic son today, this song is really one of the main things you need to know and live in life. Life will NEVER be easy. It will always be messy. Sometimes, you're gonna stand at the gates of hell. Don't ever back down. God bless Tom Petty.

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    Well the first one i'd love to share is from a local band where i live. Bit of surf scene here where i've also gotten to know the singer. Most if it is also filmed where we live. Anyway. Just very summery, happy go lucky nice summer song. From a friend which is a bonus haha.

    This second one is from Danko Jones. Never heard of him until my better half introduced his music to me (and she didn't even listen to rock before she got to know my omg haha) and i'm loving it. Just a nice raw 3 man band. And they where the first band we ever went to a concert of together.

    Picked this song just because i like it a lot tbh. Picked this one because i just love to sing along with it

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    Doesn't matter what it makes me feel. What matters is what you will feel.
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    This always makes me smile . . .

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