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    Upcoming Maintenance 4am - 12pm UTC impacting online services. [COMPLETE]


    Maintenance is scheduled for January 22 from 12am to 8am ET. During this maintenance, online services for Tom Clancy's The Division may be unavailable. The maintenance impacts all Ubisoft online features and services and is not specific to The Division.

    CET: 22/01 - 6 AM to 2 PM
    ET: 22/01 - 12 AM to 8 AM
    PT: 21/01 - 9 PM to 22/01 - 5 AM

    You can keep up to date with the maintenance on our official Twitter.

    Thanks for your understanding, agents!
    The Division Team
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    So server down again 2nd time this week during a global event, you guys need to sort your stuff out, we pay good money for your games, and do expect to PLAY them, not always have this happen. We are hard working people that would like to have a great game, please fix the issue and get us all back on. From what i have read in threads on the internet, you are about to lose a lot of players, plus they will not buy from you again. i for 1 love this game,and do want to say its great to play, come on guys and girls lets play.
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    server down 6/10/2017

    from uk here and not long been home from working 10 hours aday an want to chill an play some division GE and server is down unable to connect ... sort it out updates should have been done either before or after global event week ..
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    The divison

    I just got the division and in order to play any of the game I have to sing into Ubisoft and get the app on my Xbox one and it's saying that they are not currently available and I tryed it yesterday to and still same thing and don't know what to do in order to play
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    No you dont. You only need to sign up if you want to get some free stuff in game but you arent required to do it just skip it.
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    im probably the only one here that thinks like that but ear me out. In my opinion if the division 2 isnt coming out soon , i would love to have the dark zone being able to be played in PVE , we can agree the end game is mostly played in the dark zone but not everyone loves to PVP , doesnt give us really a choice if you think about it , dark zone has different servers if you hop in hop out and hop back in , so why not have a server dedicated for PVE players who only want to roam in this beautiful dark place ?
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    作为一名来自中国的玩家,我希望游戏团队可以加大对外挂程序的打击力度,因为现在的外挂真的太 多了
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    You will not have to register if you want to get free stuff in the game.

    gclub download
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