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    Ubable to connect to Ubisoft Servers


    I understand there was a maintenance underway on October 5, from 12AM EDT – 8AM EDT however I am discovering that on October 6th 2PM EDT I am still unable to connect to the Ubisoft Servers. Is there some way I can reconnect to them.
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    I don't know if this is what affected my problem or not. At 8p Eastern U.S. on October 4 (about 4 hours before this was scheduled to begin) I tried playing, and was unable to connect to the AirMech Arena on xbox360 (was getting kicked out at the start screen). The next day, I was able to get into the game and play solo matches, but ever since then, every time I've tried to play an online match (either coop skirmish 2v2 or pvp custom 1v1) I get kicked back to the start screen and get the message "Connection to the game server has been lost".

    I already worked through all the steps in the faq (cleared game cache and tested network, and I'm my NAT is open), and these have not fixed the problem. I've tried following the various links to complete a help ticket, but I keep getting rerouted back to the faq.

    Are the game servers still down? I am able to browse the player store, so that at least seems to be working. I currently have an XP boost cube and Gold VIP cube active, and their time is ticking. I would've like to get the most out of them, it being a weekend and all.
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