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    [Completed] Upcoming maintenance Oct. 5th 12am - 8am ET [4am - 12pm UTC]

    Maintenance will be taking place on Thursday Oct 5th from 12am - 8am ET [4am - 12pm UTC] and will impact our online features and services.

    Update: Maintenance which will impact our online features and services is currently underway.

    During this time you may get disconnected from multiplayer portions of games and be unable to reconnect to other online features, devices, forums and websites. (Single player and offline play should still be available, minus leaderboards).

    We're sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding as we work to improve our services and ensure the best experience for you this upcoming holiday season.

    Update: This maintenance has concluded. Thank you for your patience, and happy gaming!
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    **Upcoming Maitenence Notice**

    Didn't know if anyone already noticed, but the main menu in game notice of this maintenance states - 5/10.
    Advanced notice is great but.......=P
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    You are aware other countries exist right with different date formats? (Day/Month)
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    Yeah, that's exactly why they put it in UTC or Universal Time Code to easily translate it to your local Timezone (+ or - however many hours)
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    So much for us late night racers. I got almost 30 mins. in before they started.. Oh well. Go 510...LOL
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    Well done guys

    Amazing job guys, keep it up. You definitely have my vote, Best Player VS Player Game out! Watch out Socom....lol.
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    A question

    Its passed 12am I dont understand
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    So why exactly are you dropping the server now? its school holidays here!
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    Error 2-00000305

    Hy.I have internet connection and its working butwhen i enter the game i receive the error 2-00000305 .
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    Rainbow Six Siege servers are still down

    Hi I am trying to get into the game and the servers are still down. I am not able to make a request to the server to connect or even show my cloud achievements for that matter. Please if you can fix this asap I would really like to enjoy the game.
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