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    Gear Suggestion


    I`ve been thinking, and the double XP is great and all, but, the general levelling you have to do to get a character up to rep 7++ to get max gear score is steep. Imo you should get max gear score at rep 3 or 5 and that you insted get different looks or set of the gear on higher rep. That way you could also do some more work on gear stats, I still think def pen is to strong, it nullifies the point of going for defeance.

    As it is now most people can just run a rounded item for def pen or have it as their secondary stat to remove all the defence people use. Even if you had to have it as your main stat it is still to strong. Find another way to make it more bareable to level up. For instance you could add realistic dominion so people could lvl up ther insted and play in regular one when they have the gear.

    I don`t wanna hear people shoot this down, if you disagree (which is fine) rather come with suggestions on how to make it propper. If you think the system we have now is fine, than that is also alright. Have your opnion just don`t be ****.
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    Personally I think it's fine the way it is now. Leveling to rep 7 does take a while, but that is as it should be, and getting the highest level of gear to early will just devalue it.
    The reason it is fine is because you get the most bang for your buck at the grey levels (or so I understand, haven't been there in a while). With the old system you pretty much had to have maxed out gear (revenge build) to have a chance, but now you can go up against someone who's maxed out with your half maxed and there won't be too much of a difference. One of the best moves the devs made post release if you ask me.
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    Personally, i think xp should simply just be way more. levels shouldn't be harder to get to IMO, they should all be the same rate. it takes me 10x longer to level through levl 19-20 than lv 2-3. this is the reason i think leveling takes so dang long. wouldnt even have to boost xp gain, just make each level a flat rate. easy fix, everyone is happy. also i think champion status should be higher. 20%, though it adds up really doesnt give a whole lot. It should be at the very least 30% but preferably 50%. if im paying steal for this crap instead of buying a crate i should be getting a much better reward.
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    I'll pass along both suggestions about the XP gain and tier-unlocking levels. We haven't seen any major leveling issues thus far, but we'll keep it in mind.
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    Of course it is not an issue, more a nucians, and it would alow you guys to do some better gearscaling, You changed a lot to make it less cancer to play against high gear scors. But, in the same process you made it so that a Berserker can two shot almost any class due to def pen is so strong. (just an example char, not the only one)
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    I agree. I've said it many times: def pen is so out of place. A single stat, even as secondary, should not negate 3 maxed out variables. It's just crazy. I get trying to negate turtling, but honestly I feel that through this we have promoted turtling. Someone who can afford to take multiple shots has the ability to be more aggressive. Think of it this way: who's more likely to throw out an attack? Someone with one bar of health or someone with 3 bars of health? I always did think def pen was a dumb stat. You force people to only even defense to 0 to negate the stat and allow them to place more in other area that don't get completely nullified. No point in even investing in it past making it an even 0 honestly, cause the only thing def pen can't do is put you at negative defense.
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