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    Nobushi Hidden Stance Counter Guard Break Question

    This new buff has me scratching my head a bit. If i recall, the timing is pretty fluid on activating hidden stance correct? If this is the case, why add this buff? Nobushis can just spam hidden stance when someone gets close because the dodge window granted is pretty generous is it not? That would make the move pretty nonpunishable. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong on fluid activation of hidden stance.

    Also, this buff seems to contradict the nerf to all-guard for the shield characters. The point of that change was to stop opponents from sitting in a nonpunishable stance after getting a health lead with little consequence. This buff for Nobushi seems to give her that ability with spamming hidden stance. I know that she can get hit by attacks during, but with the speed that her attacks come out with while in hidden stance, won't this create a similar feeling that all-guard did in the past? Any input is appreciated, as I am not an experienced Nobushi player.

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    Nah mate, you've got HS all wrong. It's nothing like Conq/WL all-guard, there's only a few frames during the entire HS animation in which the dodge effect occurs. Activating a few ms too early or too late and you eat the attack. It also drains a substantial amount of stamina, so being able to CGB is still warranted. You would have to have INSANE timing (even at tourney level) to reliably HS dodge for the majority of a match.

    Lastly, her attacks come out absolutely no faster than they do from neutral. The only difference is that HS acts as the first move in a light, light combo, so it comes out with more fluidity, but it's still the same speed as always.
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    This is not really a "Buff", rather a bug fix. It was an unintentional side effect of the last patch.
    When they disabled counter guard breaking on All Block Stance, they also some how disabled it on the Nobushi's Hidden Stance as stated by UbiNoty and Candle.

    Also, a Nobu who spams HS will just run herself out of stamina before she can even take a swing.
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    Ah, I was confused at first by the "buff".To confirm, it was a bug, and in the patch, we fixed the bug where Nobushi couldn't CGB while in HS that came with patch 1.13 (I believe?) and it was an unintentional side-effect.
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    Oh okay. Thanks guys! I was not aware of these facts. The lights out of hidden stance always seemed faster, but that was just me I guess XD
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