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    Problem with private co-op

    since yesterday i try to play Far Cry 3 with a friend private co-op, but it is impossible to join his game, and he can't join my game
    can fix it to this problem ?
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    Hello JasMina, and welcome to the forums!

    This sounds like there might be an issue with at least one or both of your's connection. Can you please try all of the troubleshooting in this FAQ and have your friend do the same?

    If that fails once you and your friend try all of those steps, please contact our support team and they can offer further troubleshooting. Thanks!
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    I get problems with multi-player where a game starts and kicks me off.
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    Private Co-op joining issue

    Hi guys,

    Is there any news from Ubisoft regrading this issue. We also went through all the recommended steps from disabling firewall to port forwarding etc.
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