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    Maintenance - September 21st, 2017 [COMPLETE]

    Greetings Agents,

    The servers will shut down for weekly maintenance on Thursday, September 21st at 09:30 AM CEST / 03:30 AM EDT / 12:30 AM PDT. Estimated downtime is approximately 3 hours.

    Changelogs for the maintenance can be found here.

    Please follow this thread for any updates as the maintenance progresses.

    Thank you,
    The Division Team
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    Ubisoft servers are unavailable

    Iam not able to connect uplay online more than 2 months
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    Weekly maintainence...but, 2 days ago?

    Maintanence/Tech/Ubi/whoever........Please hurry the F up? I mean, 3 hours per day of my property(i think?) NOT being mine...is way too long.....oh, wait, what? is NOT everyday?? OH! ...cause it sure seems like it!!! please stop stopping the game so often.
    ...i am a fair person, but everyone's *****in about ubisoft is starting to make sense.
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    pay and do not play

    At Ubisoft you probably have to go crazy .. It is not possible, every other day for 3 hours are servers in maintenance.This I have not experienced with any other game and the managers who have this duty, should do cleanup, because they are incapable.He I paid and I can not play it every other day because Ubisoft is full of incompetent people.
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    Not happy second time this week why do they need to shut it down.
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    Well it was a maintance the 19th due thew RPM glitch and other stuff that needed to be fixed faster that they needed to force out so we got to this week otherwise I guess they tries to do just once a week maintance. But tehy need to fix the FSP drops on the servers, That is a big issue. And also we know 1.8 is around the corner.
    But I race a warning fingers we have to deal with French IT and I have not so big confidence with them unfortnally since I have been working with them.
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    Why does the server maintenance have to be so often??

    I am getting really frustrated... 3 times over the last couple of weeks have I been unable to play the game... and for 3 hours at a time... That is 9 hours of gameplay time I've missed out of over the 2 weeks, and since you choose to schedule maintenance for 9 - 12 AM (in Denmark) every time, I get affected by it the same every time, as this is the time of day where I have the time of to play the game.
    Now what I don't get is this:
    1: WHY would ANYONE need to do server maintenance THAT often?!?! Seriously? Don't you see that having the servers shut down and making the game unavailable, pushes the playerbase away from the game, as they can't play it at often as they would like, and therefore make us consider playing other games instead?
    2: If it REALLY is necessary for UBI to shut down the servers that often, then why not do it at the a scheduled time, like every second monday at a certain time, so we, the players would be able to plan around it, and not get as frustrated? Seriously? Would that be so hard???
    3: Why 9 - 12 AM??? Because of the US players??

    I really hope you will consider this, and I bet a million other players have said this before in some manor or form, but I really don't see why this is the ONLY online game I've ever played to suffer from this problem, and I REALLY do love this game - WHEN it works...
    So pleeeeease... Stop with the unscheduled server maintenance already! :/
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    sparrow , they dont stop the game so often, ifyour having problems check your connection , they have a maintanance every week so stop complaining, once a week if fair imo,surely you can find something to do for 3 hours of your spare time.
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    I ONLY GET MAINTANANCE 1 TIME PER WEEK FOR 3 HOURS ,so why would you have it every other day?
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    Originally Posted by A.CLoWN.FaCE Go to original post
    I ONLY GET MAINTANANCE 1 TIME PER WEEK FOR 3 HOURS ,so why would you have it every other day?
    He's exaggerating for emphasis... Obviously.

    Also, thanks for robbing me on my small amount of game time ubi. It's really fun to never play this game. Amazing how MTU can take so long yet you manage to accomplish nothing during that time.
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