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    Game breaking bug in Spooky Trails

    In my girlfriend's save file (#2) we've encountered an issue that's preventing her from progressing entirely. When we re-enters the Spooky Trails it places her right in front of where you obtain the Boo relic. But it isn't there nor are the shortcut doors open. So we back tracked all the way to where the relic is supposed to be placed and it's visibly sitting on top of the pedestal...but you're able to click on it as if it's not there. The game doesn't seem to recognize that it's there. The bramble door is shut, the Mid-boss is not there, and there is no option to restart the chapter. It's as if she's in a weird limbo. She's able to go to Peaches Castle, do the challenges in the other two zones and such, but when she enters Spooky Trails, it takes her right back to where she found the Boo relic. We've tried copying the save file to the third slot but to no avail. We've explored all over the Spooky Trails in hopes of triggering any sort of event annnnnd no luck. I hate saying "game breaking" but I don't know what else to do. We've cut the system off and on (as if that'd help), we've gone to that spot on my save file and the short cut door is wide open (I've beaten the game with save file 1). We really don't want to start over to see if the entire save file is corrupt or not, but if we need to JUST to figure out more possibly fixes then we will. Would really really appreciate any feed back!

    TLDR: Boo relic is on it's pedestal next to the golden pedestal and music box, no mid boss, no open bramble door.
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    Hi sethhlong!

    This issue has been reported to the development team and I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

    If you haven't yet, please create a case at support.ubi.com by clicking on "Contact Customer Support" so that our technical team can further investigate.
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    I have the same issue. I reported in to Ubisoft customer service NL. Problem with this issue (in relation to the one I had earlier on in World 2, also caused because of playing in savegame 2) is that there is no workaround for it. We are just stuck until it has been fixed.

    Kind regards Ivo
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    the very same issue here; hoping for a quick hot fix or anything. girl friend is very upset, and I do not know if I will survive

    EDIT: Case 05244617 opened.
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    Found a workaround!!!!!

    I did the same workaround for World 2 boss.
    1. Quit the game.
    2. Close the game.
    3. Start the game.

    Also, just in case this matters like the bug in world 1, the characters I used were Mario, Rabbid Mario, & Princess Peach.

    Hope this works for everyone else. Wurstjunge I feel you on the upset girlfriend. LOL.
    I've never played a game with this many game breaking bugs. C'mon Ubisoft. This is crazy. I expect much better from such a popular game developer.
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    Thank you, you helped me a lot in solving my problem.
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