Y2S3.1 Patch Notes

The first patch after the season launches is generally a much lighter patch. So you will not see the same level of fixes as the Season launch, but we are working on many more issues for the Mid-Season Reinforcements. Patch Y2S3.1 deploys on all platforms on Tuesday, September 19th, 2017.

  • Fixed – Switching weapon at the edge of the smoke will reveal what is inside the smoke. [Note: a partial fix for this was deployed with the Y2S3 launch but this is an additional fix.]
  • Fixed – Attackers cannot go back to the drone view after their drone was destroyed while selecting a spawn point in prep phase.
  • Fixed – Ending a match point round on a draw results in gaining MMR for the losing team.
  • Fixed – Concussion Mine cannot be destroyed if a player shoots it in the upper part
  • Fixed – Gadgets lose their functionality if a player is rapidly switch between primary, secondary weapons and gadget.
  • Fixed – Operators can pass through ground while rappelling.
  • Fixed – Holstering the M1014 is slower than other weapons.


  • Fixed – Cooking a grenade until it explodes while prone does not kill the player.

  • Fixed – Hitbox does not follow her silhouette in the armpits.

  • Fixed – Screen stutters when Thatcher’s EMP grenade is use while in ADS with Glaz’s sniper.

  • Fixed – If a player quits the game during an interrogation, the gameserver would crash. [Consoles only. This fix has already been live on PC.
  • Fixed – Players are able to pass through the wall or even remain stuck after performing Interrogation.
  • Fixed – Going into Silent Step stance from the primary weapon skips instead of being a smooth animation.

  • Fixed – Armor panel shows no removal prompt on opposite side when directly in front of it. Castle is no longer concerned about tearing down his own hard work. (Putting those barricades up isn’t easy!)

  • Fixed – Frame skipping can be noticed on shield equip animation.

  • Fixed – Going forward while looking down on prone with Sledge shows a graphical corruption.

  • Fixed – Black pixels are seen on the ACOG when fired.

  • Fixed – Dry reloading the PDW9 does not result in a properly discarded drum magazine in the world.

  • Fixed – Ela's eyes are very wide open on the MVP screen, facial animation is exaggerated. While Ela has definitely seen some ****, she is coming to terms with it.

Game Modes

Terrorist Hunt
  • Fixed – Hooded White Masks are missing their face model.
  • Fixed – All players in a session receive error 2-0x0000B005 when someone takes damage from a nitrocell.

  • Fixed – Broken animation when the hostage is picked up for the first time.

Custom Game
  • Fixed – The players kicked by the host while in the lobby of custom game player hosted sessions are removed from the session after starting it.
  • Fixed – Lobby is not refreshed in real time after a player quits.

Level Design

  • Fixed – Planting the defuser beneath the refrigerator in Kitchen makes it impossible to interact with it.

  • Fixed – Operators can get stuck after vaulting on the engine in the Mining Room.

  • Fixed – Valkyrie can throw a Valkyrie camera inside a wall of 2F Security Room.
  • Fixed – Valkyrie can place a Valkyrie camera inside the Cabinet of 2F Security Room.
  • Fixed – Player can place a Valkyrie camera inside a wall of 2F Break Room.

  • Fixed – Attackers can force collision from EXT Western Roof to enter 2F Gym.
  • Fixed – The deer trophy from 1F Bar has no collision with gadgets.

  • Fixed – Operators can break collision with the wall and gain a tactical advantage.

  • Fixed – Unable to vault over deployable shield in small doorways.
  • Fixed – Players can have a view of the Press Room after placing a Black Eye under a pillar on the wall.
  • Fixed – Players can have a view of the garage as well as part of the stairs through exploiting Black Eye placements.
  • Fixed – Drone is able to go inside the wall when going onto some windows.

  • Fixed – Bomb defuser can be plant beneath the nightstand in 2F Dorm Main Hall.
  • Fixed – Indestructible wall has no bullet collision when shooting through doorframe.

  • Fixed – Player can place a cameras inside the wall between 1f Admin office and 1F Archives.

User Experience
  • Fixed – Some players during PVE cannot be heard in voice chat at all, even if part of a squad, whether it is in Open or Push-to-Talk.
  • Fixed – NAT types will sometimes switch to Strict.
  • Fixed – Brazilian Roundel charm cannot be collected after completing the Brazil Day challenge before a planned maintenance.
  • Fixed – The interior of Capitao’s red dot sight on the Para-308 is visible when aiming down sight.
  • Fixed – The interior of Ash’s red dot sight on the G36C is visible when aiming down sight.
  • Fixed – Players with GTX 780 series GPU experience graphical corruption.
  • Fixed – When switching between different drones, the white noise of a destroyed Twitch drone disappears.
  • Fixed – Any button click hides the mouse while in the Alpha Pack screen.
  • Fixed – Switching Inputs makes duplicate icon disappear.
  • Fixed – Eyenox sound effect remains after the scanned operator dies while Jackal is scanning the footprint.
  • Fixed – There are two different animations for moving sideways while prone.
  • Fixed – There is a LOD issue on the barbed wire.
  • Fixed – When vaulting then ADS the hand go through the weapon.
  • Fixed – Friendly player outlines can be seen at spawn.
  • Fixed – Guns are being duplicated after death.
  • Fixed – Operator’s hand clips through their body while reloading.
  • Fixed – Alpha Pack roll results can be displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed – The Battle Tank charm clips slightly into the gun.
  • Fixed – The Straps on the helmet of Thatcher Chibi charm is one-sided texture.
  • Fixed – Roulette for Alpha Pack at the end of the match can be rolled multiple times when switching between display modes.
  • Fixed – In a lobby, while writing in the text chat, if the host quit the written text and chat box remain and appear on menu.