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    R6 Community Discusses - Weapons

    Hello and welcome back to the R6 Community Discusses Series!

    The goal of this series is to open conversation on specific topics so players can share their feedback, suggestions, and share tips&strategies with their fellow players. We encourage newer players to ask questions and for our more experienced users to offer whatever advice they can on the subject. Any posts that detract from the discussion, target other users specifically, or are offensive in general will be removed.

    This week we will be discussing the Weapons of Siege.

    There are many types of weapons in the game which have varying Rate of Fire, Damage, Recoil, Available Sights, etc. What I'd like to see from the discussion this week is an open conversation on your favorite, least favorite, and guilty pleasure weapons in the game.

    As a resource, you can refer to the R6 Stats page here: https://r6stats.com/database/weapons (although some information may be outdated due to recent changes.)
    You can also refer to the Blood Orchid Patch Notes for some of the recent weapon adjustments including Ammo amounts and damage drop-off (which is coming soon.)

    I'll give a few talking points to go off, but feel free to expand on any thoughts you'd like to share in this discussion:

    1.) Which weapon is your personal favorite in the game? Support your answer and explain where your weapon excels as well as where you think it could be improved. (Please include the operators that the weapon is available for.)

    2.) Which weapon is your least favorite? Where do you think this weapon fails to deliver and what changes could fix those shortcomings? (Please include the operators that the weapon is available for.)

    3.) What is your favorite TYPE of weapon? Do you love the LMGs, SMGs, Pistols, ARs? Explain why your pick is the best choice and in what situations it can be used most effectively.

    4.) Least favorite type of weapon? Explain how this weapon type fails to meet your needs and what tweaks would change your opinion.

    I'm looking forward to hearing your picks and the reasoning behind your choices! *Please respect each others opinions, you don't have to agree but you do need to be respectful. All offensive and off-topic posts will be deleted*.

    And as always, you can join any of our previous discussions here: R6 Discusses - All Topics
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    Settle in Zoro, you opened a real big can of worms with this topic this week haha. So, let's jump into what will likely be an eventful weekly discussion.

    For attackers, I think ARs in this game are overwhelmingly the most viable weapon at >90% of the time. This is because all LMGs (exception being Fuze) have quite honestly ****e stats and shotguns only find use in specific situations due to a lack of range (we will for the moment ignore their use for making holes in sites because this is mostly done on defense). ARs on the whole I think pack a similar punch to the LMGs, but have significantly better recoil compensation and rates of fire. Besides Fuze LMG, I see very little point in ever taking them; they are flat out downgrades and handicaps. They do have the significantly larger magazine capacities, but that is pretty negligible if you can't hit the tarts or they kill you way quicker.

    Now shotties on the other I hand I think are perfect in terms of stats, but because of their lack of range, only find use in very specific fights. I think it would be easy enough to make them more viable by offering slugs in their loadouts that they could switch to (say hold R to switch ammo type). Then I think they would reach a perfect point in the game.

    Among the ARs, there are definitely a few that excel (Hibana's, Famas, IL85) with very accurate and high damage outputs. Then there are those where we would ask why did you even put this in the game (C8, M417 DMR, Commando Rifle). I can understand that they all can't be equal; they need to have their quirks so that they effect your team comp, but I think it leads to most classes having weapon choices that are just simply superior, and there is no point in taking the alternatives (leaving aside LMGs and shotguns, as we already touched on them). The game is supposed to be about OP choices for taking a site and PTFO, but because some of the weapons are so bad or too good, inherently you get more weight on OP choices for weapons at times, as besides opening and getting to site, you need to deal with defenders.

    I might be just a little over dramatizing this, but there are definitely a few OPs that come as necessary and others as ignored. Necessary ones might be Twitch and Ash, whom aside from the small hitboxes, have top tier rifles. Then you have Buck, whom most ignore because his rifle is a clone of Twitch's with 3000% more recoil, who isn't picked because his AR just fails to perform for most people and others just don't like DMRs (though his is quite honestly the best or second best).

    I think there is most definitely work to be done to bring some ARs up to snuff (COUGH COUGH C8 PLEASE). My guilty pleasure among the AR's would be Jackal's because of how consistent it is. Low recoil, high damage, moderate rate of fire, coupled with a good ability for sweeping rooms of imminent roamers. I don't think it needs any changes. My least favorite is the C8 by far. Reduce recoil a lot and it will be more useable; there is no point to it being so high when Twitch's Famas (they are almost carbon copy stats) has way better performance. If it didn't have such high recoil, it would perform perfectly.

    Now after reading all of this, you might be a bit surprised to learn that I think defenders are actually perfectly balanced (...mostly...). I think most SMGs have the proper performance and shotguns serve well. The reason for my difference in opinion on shotties between attack and defense is on defense the enemies have to come to you; this means you can do more in terms of surprise attacks, setups, etc... They're also great for making holes in sites to work with. They could probably also benefit from having slugs as well, but I think the performance change would not be as extreme as it would be for attackers.

    Now, for the unbalanced SMGs. Two SMGs: P90 and Skorpion. P90 performs pretty dang well, but I think it would benefit from a very slight recoil decrease to give it more ranged viability (as compared to the mp5). Technically speaking, it should have lower recoil as it fires the 5.7x28mm round and a general rule of thumb in games is higher dmg = less accurate when it comes to automatics. The mp5 outperforms the P90 in damage, so while it has the higher rate of fire and mag capacity, its overall utility is little skewed because of the much higher recoil. Don't make it a laser, but it should probably have less horizontal drift.

    The Skorpion on the other hand is broken, to a ridiculous degree. If I were to describe it, I'd call it an smg11 on steroids. It has hands down the lowest recoil of all the SMGs, damage somewhere in the middle, and a rate of fire matched only by the smg11 and vector. Added to that, it also has a mag capacity only matched by the P90. It needs a nerf, bad. And so it goes without saying, it's also my favorite and guilty pleasure haha. My worst favorite is probably Echo's MP5SD; it's a P90 peashooter with less ammo and a lower rate of fire.

    Between weapon TYPES, I don't have much preference. The only point where I have a clear feeling of superiority in weapons is the skorpion. Just... ******* is it good. Regardless of whether it was an SMG or AR, it's just the bees knees. As far as pistols are concerned, I don't have much comment there either; they're side arms and they work fine in that regard (except for Cav, but that's a whole different topic in of itself).

    Too many thoughts on my train, hopefully it didn't derail anywhere in here while writing it.
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    1. F2 for its looks and performance.. Its main strength is that the supressor is superb on it. I don't main Twitch a lot but if you can put a silencer on a gun and do well with it, you are some serious business. Hibana's Type-89 is also fantastic. Attach it with a compensator and vertical grip, it has almost no vertical and side to side recoil if you have good control and decent aim. I found out that this is the correct attachments for her rifle combined with my playstyle. Frost's 9mm C1 is also superb. That gun can also be used with a silencer without taking a lot of punishment. I am fine with all these guns, just took practice for me getting used to the T-89..I would just want, if it can be done, a holographic sight on Frost's 9mm C1 plus the other barrel attachments on it.

    2. I have no least favourite weapons because all guns seem to require practice. Although, I am still getting used to Ela's SMG because at times the recoil does jump unpredictably for me when I use it. I still think Holographic sight, compensator and vertical grip are the best to optimize it.

    3. Assault rifles are definitely my favourite followed by SMG's. If a silencer is manageable for me, then I'll put it on my weapons...LMG's like IQ's and Ying's are also OK for me. If the weapon has low recoil like Jackal's C7E, I'll use an angled grip.. I normally do not like close quarter battles, so I tend to stay away from them as much as possible, which is why I have high preference for silencers and why I love AR's...

    4. Least type of weapons are all shotguns... Before, they used to work like normal shotguns. I would not engage a shotgun user at point blank range because it is too risky and dangerous. Now, you can just engage at them without having too much of a concern. Shotguns are inconsistent due to the hit detection problems in the game now. Frost's Super 90 for example, could one shot kill you within 12 meters, which is within the shotgun's range. Now, if anyone can measure 12 meters and then see how far it is from the starting point of the measurement, imaging Frost pointing a shotgun at you from the 12 meters point measured. This goes the same with other shotguns, Spas-12 is also decent, and it seems consistent. Supernova is also good and has the best control excluing Ela's shotgun. When you shoot Ash with Caveira's shotgun and put all shots into her at close range and still did not eliminate her, you know something is wrong.

    I am fine with all weapons bar shotguns, it is quite imperative to go for an SMG when defending because they are more reliable than the shotguns. Everyone before used to complain about how OP shotguns were. Well, you are not supposed to go into a corridor when a shotgun user is guarding it. 9 times out of 10, you are going to lose the battle. Now, you can engage them without having that much of a concern...
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    This is gonna be a long one, while i enhoy keeping some sort of identity for certain operators due using their loudout as a mean to do that, such as jager having an AR even though he's a defender is one of his most interesting points, i do think that just also makes some loudouts too restrictive either by certain weapons being clearly better than others for the same, or if a characther has a bad weapon he also becomes worst. Take thatcher for example, he has 2 rifles and one shotgun so it ends up being one made for breaching and two rifles, one is pretty balanced around low fire rate regular sized mag and moderate damage and recoil, the other is a weapon with lower damage a slighty higher fire rate and similar recoil with a smaller magazine? i honestly still struggle to understand the use of the AR33 when the L8 does a pretty danm similar job, defenders have less of this since most of them have a clear choice between shotgun and SMG.

    While ARs and SMGs beheave diferently enough while being the weapons made for long range in both sides, i find odd that some rifles seem to be better at closer range since the damage advantage they have at longer ranges is minimal and the smoother recoil of SMGs make it better to kill someone by hitting htem multiple times with low damage than hitting them multiple times with minimal damage with a rifle, so heavy barrels end up being a dumb choice 99% of the time, only being used in certain weapons that pretty much only have them as options such as Frost 9mm C1. The 3 other main barrels attachments are way more balanced those being the compensator, flash hider and muzzle brake, the silencer is so bad in so many ways that you don't seem to win gunfights because you used it to be sneaky, you won the gunfight because you were in a position that damage didn't matter because the enemy had his back turned to you, so the large damage you lose is horrible.

    Going into weapons properly, i just find odd that some characthers that have both a powerful ability and a poweful gun are never nerfed and some that posses avarage guns aren't touched much, i mean probably the best attacking weapon is the R4-C, F2 and C7, R4-c simply has the best overall stats in all aspects and is paired with one of the strongest operators, while twich F2 has incredible damage for that fire rate, and the C7 also having great all around stats, compared to a more regular rifle like the L8 wich is balanced. Most of the better weapons seem to be simply the ones that are made with better rate of fire, so Ela skorpion having insane rate of fire and large magazine just breaks the game balance so many ways compared to the vector that has a smaller magazine and it's in a operator made to roam.

    1) my favorite weapon is either the MP5K or the M590A1 mainly with mute, they are both simple weapons that work as intended most of the time, both just suffer from being slighty worse than their GIGN counterpart, the MP5K offfers no advantages over the MP5 that has the acog, and the SG-CQB can use a grip even if it's useless since pump action makes the gun center again before the next shot and has better damage so that also translate in a slighty more significant ranges, only wished that the MP5K had a slighty better rate of fire like it does in real life, since it's stability it's not really useful since it's not meant to be used at long ranges so it loses to ARs at close ranges since their higher damage and similar rate of fire means that they kill faster even at close ranges, and the shotgun is pretty good when being used by a defender but not so great when being used by an attacker since all shotguns are unreliable weapons still

    2) my least favorite gun is the R4-C because i think it's too strong but since the question appears to be about what gun we think it's the worse, it's probably capitaos LMG since it has horrible rate of fire and damage, makes it look like a dead weight, you can't count on it's damage to drop defenders quickly enough even if they are just 1 armor, and the large magazine really doesn't fit a 3 speed operator since prolonged fire through a wall would just make you an easy target not great for an 3 speed 1 armor operator, buffing it's rate of fire so it's really good weapon to deny people entry by shooting doors and opening holes faster since capitao has no breaching power

    3) i really love using shotguns even on attack, since their flanking and breaching utility really let's you outsmart people by using diferent flanks to hit them vertically sometimes and make good weapons if you are to bet in the objective when it's clear and have to hold it from people trying to get in, just hate how unreliable their range is and how some have tighter spread than others so end up having a better effective range and no one can say that for sure other than devs

    4) i probably dislike how LMGs are slow and heavy weapons with two of them being low damage ones, fuze lmg is probably the best one since the damage and fuze being a 3 armor let's you trade few hits through a wall better than others, and if you try to use others as LMGs or any kinda of weapon you would just do better using their own ARs, the magazine size advantage is not that great if the operator is made to rush, so the slow ADS time just also end up screwing that, Ying lmg is just a low damage rifle with a large extendend mag, kinda like a worse PDW-9 that jackal has

    Could we finnaly get the patch notes on weapon changes that happened this new season? still wanna know about range changes in shotgun and full damage changelist
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    Well this is a surprise... I would've thought a topic like this would be pretty popular to discuss.
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    Have to agree with lmgs being mostly useless and shadowed by assault rifles in almost every situation. Large magasine means nothing if the target doesn't go down fast and you can't have longer fights because you can't take many bullets yourself. Fuze is only op I recommend using if you want ro rain fire (excluding Ying of course). Shotguns are also bit pointless on attack. Defender have cqc advantage with their smgs and attackers long range with their ARs, so going to the enemy confort zone isn't always wise but sometimes necessary. Sledge is the man for that solely IMO. Being able to close distance fast in some cases make him great at surprising the defense and getting the drop on them. Other ops don't really suit for that kind of play and always have better rifle to fight from the distance.
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    Super 90 Needs a buff M1014 Needs a slight buff Yings LMG needs a buff to recoil Scorpion needs a mag size nerf Caveira's SMG needs a significant buff to either Fire rate or heck even a holo sight would make such a big difference with that PoS gun..... Semi Auto shotguns in general could use a small increase to damage/range nothing substantial but enough to where its a choice between shotguns or SMGs/ARs
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    I honestly love trying to utilize operators with crap guns. I know Echo's loadout isn't amazing, but its so much more satisfying to get a kill with the MP5SD than with Elas Skorpion. Speaking of Ela, she really needs a mag size nerf to the Skorpion. Wayyy too much ammo for a gun that good.

    Worst guns are easily LMGs. Why would you take something slower and weaker than an AR? Gigantic mag size doesn't matter when time to kill is within a second. If you want to destroy things, go with a shotgun instead of LMGs. Shotguns are underrated, and the m1014 and supernova can really shine in the right hands.
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    Can shotguns actually have realistic range please? That useless head to toe cone at 10 ft is pathetic.

    I know it would trigger the full auto spray and pray adadad kiddies out there. But shotguns suck....badly. They are used for making HOLES more instead of killing.....That should maybe tell us something.

    Hell. Make them do bonus damage against 3 speed operators or something. ANYTHING. Give us some perk for using them.
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    Originally Posted by GeT_JaCkEd_MaN Go to original post
    Can shotguns actually have realistic range please? That useless head to toe cone at 10 ft is pathetic.

    I know it would trigger the full auto spray and pray adadad kiddies out there. But shotguns suck....badly. They are used for making HOLES more instead of killing.....That should maybe tell us something.

    Hell. Make them do bonus damage against 3 speed operators or something. ANYTHING. Give us some perk for using them.
    That's interesting, saying 3 speeds should take bonus damage... To expand upon that, maybe the differences in tankiness for having different tier of armor should be increased; making 3 speeds squishy and 3 armors tanky. They could also try increasing the accuracy of the shotguns, but applying appropriate damage buffs and de-buffs depending on what they're hitting. So they get their range, but aren't being made OP (include damage drop off of course).
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