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    T.H Team Killing Needs Consequences

    I realize that it's just T.H and no one should take it too seriously; However, the toxic never seem to be in short supply and ruin any chance at a joyful experience. There is usually no real reason for it except the chance to piss someone off.

    So, I'll ask--does Ubisoft plan to implement any such consequences? If so I, and many others, will be truly grateful.
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    Hello, I share your pain. I also think we need a different team-kill penalty from being kicked after two kills, because I do not think this system discourages anyone at all from ruining a perfectly good game. Instead, please consider my idea, because it punishes the team-killer only:

    Teamkilling: it can be stopped

    I've put alotta thought into it, and I think I figured out how to stop teamkilling. In a nutshell, reflect the damage back to the shooter. So, if I try to shoot my teammate in the head, I die instead instantly. This does create a case where someone can keep jumping in front of you, intentionally or not, and you might be unfairly killed once they catch your bullet with their face. I think this won't be a significant issue though, for two reasons: 1) I see teamkilling as an impulsive action that delivers a rush of dopamine for some, and I don't expect the act of hovering in front of someone intentionally to elicit the same rush (maybe just a dwindling drip of dopamine at most); and 2) although my friend always says friendly fire is the result of two people both not being situationally aware, I personally still feel that it is somewhat like skiing: you yield down hill (if somebody is hovering in front of you, just be patient and let them take point until they get themselves killed.).

    In the case of hostage games, I suggest that the same rules apply to hostage for defenders ONLY when the hostage is stationary. Specifically, I don't think there is any reason defenders should be allowed to kill the hostage, UNLESS the attackers are running with the hostage. That way, they still need to choose their shots in order to avoid losing immediately (otherwise defenders would spray and pray knowing worst case they just die, and someone else still gets a chance to stop the hostage). And, attackers should always be able to kill the hostage, because I don't think I've ever seen an attacker intentionally kill the hostage. So, I think it is a none issue.

    I have thought about these rules alot, and I think they are full-proof.

    But also, on a related note, I think it might be a good idea to remove the "vote to kick" option out of casual. I only see it abused. I hate getting kicked by 4 ppl in another party before the match even starts. Instead, I'd like to change it to "vote to disable gadgets". I have had ppl flash me just to be annoying, and I can't vote to kick them because one other person in the game must be their friend. Sure, a "vote to disable gadgets" option could also be abused, but I don't expect it to be that satisfying to anyone to abuse this feature; and, if they do ever abuse it, at least your gun still works and you are still playing. And, since I'm not getting kicked, I would have time to select their gamertag from the scoreboard and block/report them for abusing the feature.
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    I'm thinking dunce lobbies. Anyone with a high percentage of team damage over a decided period of time is put into said lobby.

    Ranked, Casual, or Terrorist Hunt all the toxicity will be in lobbies together. If you don't ban anyone they can't throw a tantrum over it. It cleans up the legit lobbies and the toxic can be toxic to each other.
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    I guess a system of feedback which you give positive/negative feedback for players at the end of the game which gives extra renown for players with positive feedback is a way of stimulating people to be polite with other ones, of course keeping the system to penalize the people with bad behavior.
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    Exactly... here is my last plead I submitted to Ubi

    I have been a loyal player since this game first launched. Year 3 now, and have been season pass holder entire time...I'm not a child, I'm a grown woman gamer, and quite sick of this environment. This may be my last season if I make it that far. I was extremely disappointed after "vote to kick" was enacted. Actually ready to quit playing.
    Here is why.
    1. Players should be instantly kicked for non-accidental team killing. Kill or attack more than 1 friendly, instant kick. Period. Should not be left to vote on.
    2. Reporting cheating... well I can't say who cheats and who doesn't, kids claim everyone is cheating and using bots etc, so it should be used as an investigative tool only not kicking people.
    3. Voting to kick players for NO GOOD reason!!! I'm a bit pissed at this one. I've seen it done to many others and happens to me quite frequently.
    This TOOL is being abused!!! Look, there are a lot of players who are good, and some suck, I'm probably one of them, but that is not right to kick a player for being last man standing, not agreeing with a 10 year old, using an operator someone else wanted etc, I've seen it all and I'm sick of it!
    4. Reporting Toxic Player. I agree with this one, because if kids are being completely out of line, possibly getting mommy or daddy's account reported etc... or there are players who are harassing or messing with other players, then they should be reported. Now you need to enforce a BAN when individual has been reported multiple times.

    ******Please REMOVE the "vote to kick" option. Even for the good it does, it's being abused too often, every game I'm in I see it happening to everyone for no reason.

    Matchmaking has dropped me into Rounds 2-4 every match I've gone into. I rarely can get into a start of a match in round 1 unless I'm in a party with other people. This has pissed me off enough to log on to this page to report this nonsense!
    Why would I want to play a game that won't let me start a game from round 1 ?!?!?!?! Oh wait, and then only to get team kicked by vote as soon as I get in. Come on fix this stuff this is getting beyond ridiculous.

    Allowing a bunch of misbehaving bratty children to dictate by voting who can play? Get real, or lose the real players and the subscriptions, season pass holders etc. It started out great but has become a fricking day-care!
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    Team Kill (TK) issue resolution suggestion

    I specifically logged into the site to enter a complaint in the forums. I have read multiple posts on the topic and agree with some and not so much with others.

    I agree with the ranked team kill approach being used, but believe there needs to be an option for the player killed to elect to kick or not.

    In casual, where TK is most common, but no less annoying, I believe the option for a person on the receiving end of a TK to be able to elect to kick or not is good. I also believe there should be a "no friendly fire" timer set for say the first 30 seconds of the round to allow people to disperse.

    Lastly, I agree with several others who have mentioned the need for a ricochet game mode or maybe even make it the standard game play option. This would prevent the problem entirely.

    I can tell you that it is most frustrating trying to play only to have one person TK you, then their friend do it, and if you elect to stay then on it goes until the match ends and you have not even had a chance to play a single round!

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    My question is - will it be addressed along with the new multiplayer? Most of the team killers in T.H are people that have already been banned in multiplayer. With that said, I think if they're banned in either of those categories then they should also be banned from T.H. Still, I think they should just make toxic lobbies so the children can play together.
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    Until Ubisoft actually does something there's almost no point in speculating possibilities in how to approach griefers in PVE. Have you noticed that they have literally done nothing to deter that behavior and we're now in Year 3? Do you think they care about damage being reflected back or a toxic lobby? Heck no. Only thing we can do is shake their head and scream into their ears until they listen.
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    Ricochet is terrible. It didn't work in COD, it won't work here.

    Truth is, you can't recreate realistic quality without having a friendly fire mechanism. It sucks when it happens, especially when it's on purpose, but it sucks even more when we have corrections in place that are just countering the quality of the game regardless of intent. The game is supposed to be tactical, you can't just get sloppy with the hostage, because that's how it would work IRL.

    Honestly, your ideas are just a bridge too far in my opinion. **** happens in a game where they are trying to eliminate the care free play styles and raise the intensity through raising the stakes, maximizing the cost of **** ups and minimizing forgiveness of said **** ups.
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