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    Ahh OK. Yeah I read those articles and thought "hey isn't he that guy half-naked who wears that wierd red suit?"

    Hehe. Thanks for making this post, Zard0z.
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    I notice that you brought this subject up just about the time that Douglas Sharper put a bounty on my head (from a chat log posted on Uru Obsession):<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>(12/22 19:21:59) Douglas Sharper: Did you read the post of this Zardoz fellow?
    (12/22 19:22:06) Thanakar: which one?
    (12/22 19:22:10) Thanakar: he's posted several
    (12/22 19:22:27) Douglas Sharper: This anger about not getting into the hood. Watson seemed to like it.
    (12/22 19:22:32) Douglas Sharper: What rubish.
    (12/22 19:22:35) Douglas Sharper: Pitiful.


    (12/22 19:42:15) Douglas Sharper: If anyone happens to see this Zardoz, tell him thank you.
    (12/22 19:42:22) Thanakar: I shall
    (12/22 19:42:34) Douglas Sharper: Thank him for contributing to my the removal of my pub, the private rooms, and my neighborhood.
    (12/22 19:42:38) Douglas Sharper: I won't forget.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
    Over there, Doug! The fellow in the red! HE'S Zardoz, not me! AAHHH!!! Get that mustache away from me!!!

    I AM NOT Zard0z!!!
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    Is Zardoz with a little o an official person? Like a Cyan character such as Sharper or Zandi?

    Furthermore, are Sharper and Zandi real people? I know Watson is, but I didn't think when I read Sharper's journal that he was a real person.

    This is getting way too scary...
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    Okay, you're going to have to believe me: I am a real person (dunh!) and am just an ol' explorer like everyone else. I was in the beta, so I have that smug air of beta-superiority about me. I went to Mysterium 2003 and got within three feet of Rand Miller, so that also makes me extra special. And at least three people from Cyan once posted complimentary remarks about a post I made, so I am beyond special, I am the bomb.

    Sharper is not a real person, he is a mustache looking for a sideburn. And Zandi is a real person, but is not connected with Cyan.

    There, does that answer your questions?

    I AM NOT Zard0z!!!
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Eat_My_Shortz:
    Is Zardoz with a little o an official person? Like a Cyan character such as Sharper or Zandi?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
    No, he isn't someone "official" with regards to Uru. But, he's much longer known to the Myst community (that is not only MYSTcommunity), for instance as the realMYST egg hunter, than this other Zard0z. So mind the difference, don't take an 0 for an o.

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    Yes, the o does make a difference in Myst and Uru. Zardoz is the Myst-man and puzzle solver extradinaire;well one of them anyway!!
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    Asa.....how are you...haven't seen you around for a while

    Paula (Pa'lua in Cavern)
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    Hey, when the DRC comes with the prison books I want to make sure they're grabbing the right guy. I'm not getting involved with that fishy stuff you're cooking with Miller, as far as I'm concerned its your own necks!
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Paula465:
    Asa.....how are you...haven't seen you around for a while

    Paula (Pa'lua in Cavern)<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Hi Paula: I've been away and now I'm just lurking to try and catch up. Hope to see you in the cavern some time.
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    Get a room you two...
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