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    Most creative scummy cheating yet?

    Played against someone 2 times in one tournament, and every time I played against this person, I kept getting spammed with psn messages that were completely off putting.

    These messages pretended to be someone "watching a stream of our fight on YouTube" and were just heaps of typical stream BS messages like "cmon man" "oh unlucky you lost that one" and so on. Completely knew everything happening in the game. I've never set up anything for streaming, and it was just one person (with a different gamer tag than the one I was playing). When confronted they played dumb and pretended it was a live stream on YouTube.

    So looking at the account that was messaging me, it has only played a few minutes of the game (so basically a smurf account used for trolling) on this game and r6s. Probably did the same thing on r6s too. So in summation: the person I was playing against, had set up another "smurf" account, logged into this second account through the psn mobile app, and prob has a friend sitting beside them spam message me as I was playing so the prompts would block the screen and put me off!

    Is this considered cheating? Currently trying to bait the person to fess up. Actually just got the person to completely fess up in some messages as evidence.

    So I won't name and shame here, but what do you guys make of this?
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    Mate I had the same thing last night .
    Played a few games and after being top in every match because I was playing against a bunch of noobs he messages me off a different account saying I was cheating and saying he had the ability to kick me offline for abit can't remember his name completely but it was something like For_Vallahor_ Or something like that
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    Can you not change your settings on your PS4 to stop it?

    Xbox I have all my settings to friends only. That way I only get messages from friends.

    Gotta love those fools that think they can stream with crappy internet. Played a few Dominion games last night and kept resyncing every few mins but nobody was leaving. I was like wth.. So I asked ok whos the streamer...multiple guys spoke up...I'm streaming...Ya I left that lag fest in a hurry. I dislike this P2P with a passion.

    Block and report to PS and to Ubisoft. Thats what I would do OP. They were obviously doing it to harass you and tried to cause you to lose. My son did the same to me to mess with me. Must be a teenager thing..
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    Since this happened via PlayStation message, I'd definitely recommend reaching out to PlayStation with the PSN ID of the person messaging you & the player. I would advise caution in trying to bait a confession (or not doing so at all), as that could potentially go badly. This behavior's really off-putting, for sure.
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