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    FanArt BG&E 2

    So As I've seen in other threats the fandom of the game is creating some fanart so I'm here with my little share.

    The thing is I'm planning to make some videos in my channel translating the news about the game to Spanish (my mother tonghe and my channel's) and reviewing it, I have already done One reviewing the gameplay that michael Ancel showed.
    So In my channel I have this character named SeeS that I've draw that is like my inpersonation, so I've drawed it in the BG&E2 Theme with the Knox clothes for those videos. Hope You all enjoy it =)

    This is the art!

    And here it is the Speed Art Video!!

    I really hope you guys enjoy it, because I love doing this kind of things with the games I love, and believe me, I love beyond Good & Evil and I can't wait to play the second part =)

    Un Saludo
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    I'm so bad at shadows and stuff xD
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    Hey spy_ex,

    That's gorgeous! Great job, man! Excited to see some more!

    Best regards,

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