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    Sick and Tired Rant

    I was just playing a game of Dominion. My team was breaking. 3 of 4 were dead, and the game just up and stops the game because apparently I'm not allowed to finish a game. Not to mention the 20+ gameplay resets that happened throughout the match. I really want to enjoy the game, but quite frankly I'm having a hard time doing so with the all of the matchmaking, balance, turtle, and spamming problems that currently exist. I'm having to force myself to play the game just to capitalize on the double xp weekend because I don't want to waste any potential levels, but I can't if I get booted from a game as it's ending. The match before that one had me (a rep 4 gladiator, 9-10 days of post-beta experience) with 3 bots vs a full team of rep 20-30 players. I know rep score doesn't mean a whole lot in terms of experience, but I was clearly outmatched and lost in practically 2 minutes.

    At this point I'm so angry I can't really think of much else to say, so I'll leave it at that.
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    Just play vs AI, very few connection problems. Yeah, it's not as fun as PvP, but the rewards are more or less the same and you can then make the most of the double xp event. I gave up on PvP for now as the amount of disconnects is silly.
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