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    New to the game--My thoughts

    I find this game thoroughly enjoyable. First a disclaimer: I'm not your target demographic. In my 40s, I've returned to gaming around 4 years ago after a decades long hiatus. The last time I played a one-on-one fighting game was Mortal Kombat--when it came out in the arcade. However, I find myself doing okay at For Honor after playing for only two weeks, in comparison to when I learned to play an fps. I lose more than I win; however, I've beaten some seasoned players, go 50-50 with similar experience levels, and sometimes lose the ones I should win (not an hour ago I was up 2-0 on a player I just thought I was better than and he came storming back and won three in a row. I congratulated him/her with a "Good fight!" and "Thanks!" and moved on). Basically, a noob. Just learning.

    The game itself is beautiful. I marvel at the design. Myself and my children (ages 12 and 10--I may not be your demographic, but they are the next generation) like playing just because it looks so good. But, it's also fun. The mechanics have allowed me to step in and be competitive without the steep learning curve of other multiplayers. My youngest enjoys dominion, because it gives him a chance as he is also learning.

    Sure, I may lose a lot, but it doesn't bother me. I don't represent the majority of the player base where every aspect of the game and how it functions becomes critical. However, I do find it interesting that for every multiplayer game I've played when I visit their forums, I see the same complaints. This is OP. Change this. Fix that. Generally, a lot of whining. Which may be the case for some players, but it seems somewhat entitled--if you're not winning there must be something wrong with the game. I'd like to spend a day in a game developers shoes and experience how demanding your customers and "fans" really are.

    That being said, the difficulties I've encountered are mainly the following two:

    • The vast majority of my matches are against highly experienced players. I do understand that this is more a product of the people who are playing versus matching making. Still, a lot of my games are the equivalent of a 120 pound high school freshman wrestler taking on a 220 pound division 1 college wrestler. There's just not much I'm going to learn from a match like that. When I see it coming I just tell my boys, "Hey, you want to watch daddy get smashed?"

    • I believe there is an issue with blocking. I've only noticed this when I practice with a bot in comparison to a duel. Blocking in practice is effective, yet when I do exactly the same thing in multiplayer it doesn't work.

    When I first played during the free weekend I was kicked from about one third of the games. Since purchasing it, I rarely have issues with being kicked from a game. It just doesn't happen with the same frequency.

    Again, I understand I'm not the target demographic and your player base has real concerns. For me, most everything else is a non-issue. I enjoy your game for what it is. Probably more importantly as future customers, my two boys really like it. They play it more than any other right now.

    Thanks for a great game.
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    Definitely appreciate the feedback, DaKineTyKai! We'll make a note for the team about the matchmaking balance for the team to look into, as it's something many players have voiced their concerns about. Some players believe that the problems with blocking are related to the deactivation of Time Snap, which is also something we are actively looking into.

    If you have any more concerns you'd like to make us aware of or run into any problems, feel free to let us know. Besides the community team, we have several great community members that regularly answer questions around here and love helping other players out.
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    If you can block fine against bots but not players, it probably is a connection issue. Since in practice connection isn't a thing but vs another player, it is. Also if you play on a t.v., you have to deal with the 60hz limit televisions have. If you are really looking to get into fighting games or even fps, I would highly recommend a computer moniter that is made for gaming. It costs around $250 and will completely change the way you play games.
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    Whoa it's so refreshing to see a post from a mature person! Wish there were more grownup adults like you playing the game than middle school children or adults who act like them.

    As for why you are often matched with experienced players, I think it's likely caused by the fact that most people who are still active in the game are veteran players. I had the same problem when I joined. But you definitely do learn a lot more when fighting against good players as opposed to bad, though I do think it's a matter of degree, you probably can't really learn if you die without even understanding what happened.

    Either way, glad that you're enjoying the game and hope your positive attitude, such as leaving "good fight" at the end of duels like me no matter whether you lose or win, could brighten the mood a bit.
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    I've been focusing on learning Orochi. He has a combat emote that is as close to bowing as I could get. Before every match, win or lose--even if I'm getting demolished 0-2 and entering the third round--I bow to my opponent.

    For an old guy like me coming from martial arts and having fenced--it's a salute in fencing--many, many years ago, it just seems an appropriate show of respect.

    Sure, it's just a game, but there are real people on the other side and it's just my way of acknowledging them.
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    Don't worry the game will beat that enthusiasm out of you by summers end.
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    I've been playing since closed beta on ps4 and I still bow before a duel.

    also, OP nice choice of main. coming from a martial arts background myself I have mained Orochi.
    I do recommend playing as other heroes to get an idea of how to counter them once you are familiar with the basics of combat. made a difference for me for sure.

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