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    I hope the DLC features new playable characters like Princess Daisy/Rabbid Daisy!

    Ever since I first heard about the game, I wondered about how cool it would be if other Mario characters were rabbidified.

    Like the rabbids themselves, Princess Daisy is boisterous and loud, and she knows how to put up a good fight in games like Mario Strikers, Mario Kart and even light hearted games like Mario Party. She can be a very love or hate character, just like the Rabbids.

    A rabbid version of her who is more laid back and cool would be quite the contrast. And it would subvert the trope of the rabbids being wacky and crazy compared to the Mario characters. Unfortunately, Daisy is know for not getting that much love, and many fans of her wish that she would finally get some time in the spotlight.

    I also think the Wario Brothers would be absolutely hilarious as villains who rival Mario and Luigi's abilites. Like the rabbids, they can also be very wacky and hilarious!

    I think the game looks really great and the fact that you guys showed a lot of passion towards the project is very inspiring.
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    I wouldn't say a character who is a mainstay in the Mario spinoff games is 'not getting love' but I'm not opposed to these characters being in it.

    As for a character I'd like, I being the predictable fool that I am, propose Fawful who has fury and would be really entertaining to see his humor combined with Rabbid humor. Also a 3D model finally lol. And his debut game is being remade this year too so perfect. But I know how Nintendo is with those characters so I'm not holding my breath. Doubtful they'd permit Ubisoft to use him in this. Wario and Waluigi would be fantastic and fit perfectly.
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    There's some really obscure references like the Shark Tank from Mario Land 2. Also, the director seems to very much be into Nintendo.
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    This time I have to agree with you.

    Daisy would be a great addition, Peach looks so elegant yet so badass, I wonder what Daisy will look like... maybe a sort of crazy girl with a great tomboy attitude like she was in strikers? I don't know but she would be a GREAT addition for a DLC and I hope she will get in!

    I also personally think Rosalina and Wario would be great playable additions as well, Daisy, Wario and Rosalina would be a dream in a game like this (I also want to say Birdo but she basically would be another Rabbid Peach).
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    Also, since Rabbids debuted in a Rayman game, maybe Rayman could appear in this, that would be pretty cool and would fit in a crossover with Mario.
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    Wario & Waluigi

    Wario & Waluigi are already in the game as bosses!
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    Awesome DLC Characters & Content!

    I would love to see Princess Daisy/Rabbid Daisy in this game! I was blown away from my couch seeing how great they made Peach and her kick-butt attitude!

    The game has really taken off and after completing it last night, I want more and more from the game! I think by adding more characters to a DLC pack would be a smash hit! Here are some ideas that I think would be fun to have...

    DLC Title: Neighboring Kingdom
    Content: Provide levels based off Daisy's kingdom, Sarasaland along with allowing the character Daisy herself and Rabbid Daisy to be playable. This pack would allow players to have a start to her arsenal of weapons along with allowing us to expand further into Sarasaland and changing sceneries of the Mario Universe.

    DLC Title: Trouble Double
    Content: Since we saw bosses of Rabbid Wario and Rabbid Waluigi, I think it would be cool to see us have the opportunity to see Wario and Waluigi causing trouble and chaos! They could be tied in a way where they are taking over the Mushroom Kingdom. By pairing up with their Rabbid versions, our heroes could have a hidden boss battles and levels where we have to defeat Wario, Waluigi, Rabbid Wario and Rabbid Waluigi. Once completing them, perhaps Wario and Waluigi could be playable characters.

    DLC Title: Cosmic Chaos
    Content: Since Rosalina has been one of the most memorable Mario characters of all time, of course we would like to see her be introduced and available in the game. This game pack would allow players to partner up with Rosalina and her wand-based arsenal of weapons to defeat Bowser. Much like what Mario Galaxy was like, and since Bowser was pretty much a minor character in the main game, Bowser tries to take control of the cosmos and our heroes have to team up with Rosalina to save the galaxy. This would be really fun to see a random Rabbit invade Rosalina's Comet Observatory and come out in a cosplay outfit, which would introduce Rabbid Rosalina.

    Once again, these are just ideas and suggestions of packs for Ubisoft & Nintendo!!
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    Yes please!
    If Daisy is added she's immediately getting slapped on all my teams.
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    Could not agree more

    Mario Rabbids is an awesome game and I would really love one or even multiple additional enemy types and characters to be added. Dry Bones would make a cool character too I think. One ability which would be cool for a playable character would be teleporting (moving without activating hero sight or boos). Pistols or something elemental like some kind of magic could be a possible new weapon type.
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    Okay, so I am probably going further beyond what is the norm here but Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle has and currently is my most favorite game on the Nintendo Switch. As much as I want to see Daisy, along with the other characters I have mentioned as well, I took the opportunity to create a little graphic of the characters I would like to see join the roster along with Mario, Luigi, Peach and Yoshi. Sorry to those I picked that you may not be fans of the characters but I just had to put them in.

    I also had to add Pauline too, I think she needs to come back more often. She was beautiful in Super Mario Odyssey and I would love to see what her jazz self would be like!

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