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    Trials Fusion FPS Drops

    I just got this game and its almost unplayable. When playing a level it will run smooth at 60fps on any setting but at times it will just randomly drop to like 10fps and stay there for like a full 10 sec. I know it is not my hardware as you can see by the specs below. Plz Help.

    CPU: i7-5820k
    Ram: 8gb
    GPU: GTX 1080
    Windows 10
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    Do you have anything else running on the PC, easpecially anything based on Flash? I found that Flash kills the game for whatever reason. Also, stuff like the preview window in OBS isn't great either
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    i have the same exact issue. running with 16gb ram and a 1080 ti. did you find a solution to this issue?
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    I found a solution...refund the game. It runs at 10fps in places on a 980. Ridiculous.
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