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    Saw this coming

    I dont think Redlynx was ready for Trials to be free on xbox. Would have brought a ton a new players but the servers just cant handle it, hopefully they'll work on it but first impressions will be bad, cant connect to MP and takes a long time just to load a track and times arent saving. Hope the new players will be patient and give it a chance if it starts working.
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    Yeah , just as expected really ubilynx dont care anymore man the games basically dead and now new players wont be interested because it doesnt even work , lmao
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    not dead for die hards, i still love the game and play it daily, MP and building keep it going for me, I'm in no hurry for a new one, just wish they would have servers ready to handle it.
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    Yeah, I just thought Id give the game a go as it's free in games with gold, but after not being able to connect to the servers and multiple crashes and all my other previous Ubisoft games being broken I don't think ill bother
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    yep, i'm afraid others will feel that way too, is a shame. Could have been a big boost for fusion and the upcoming game.
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    I haven't been able to get online for tournaments, mp, even posting new times since yesterday am. I'm pretty diehard about this game so I'll keep trying. I doubt that all the new players who downloaded the game yesterday will have the same degree of patience.
    At the very least we need timeous updates on this. Surely someone from Redlynx can keep us in the loop about this?
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    Hey all,

    We were working diligently to address the connectivity issues and we are here monitoring any problems. With that, please let us know if you are encountering items still so we can get to the bottom of them. We appreciate your patience during that time. Thank you!
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