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    Bulgarian Operators in Rainbow Six Siege? [CONCEPT ART]

    So...as many of you neards im a big fan of the game.And i play alot of rainbow six Siege.And luckily for me i'm a 3D Concept artist/Character Artist.I've tryied to send this to the ubisoft team sadly i couldn't so...i decided to share it here guys.Hope Somebody to see it or some day this to happen in game.Will make alot of Bulgarian Players play the game hehe.Its just a 3D Concept model i did for GDBOP (The Bulgarian Counter-terrorisum Unit).

    (if you want to see the images in full screen open the images in new tabs.They are 3677x1656 pixels big so..)

    Note: If any of the art/dev team see this.I'll be happy to hear out from you guys anything.Will make my day better.
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    I really like this man

    I will try to send this to Ubisoft if you can give me the pics
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    Isnt that just recruit without the goggles
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    The art of operators should probably come last, once you know what to model the characteristics of an operator after then you can actually have something that looks interesting. All you basically have here is a generic recruit model in a different uniform.
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    Por que no una reskin del reclura
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