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    Song Categories change

    when I first played the game the songs were in categories such as "solo, duo, trio, alphabetical, etc". When I play now the categories are different like "Latin corner, extreme, easy peasy party".

    This makes finding songs extremely difficult. Is there a way to change it back the way it was?

    Thank you!
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    Hello khajit2412,

    We received these feedback and shared them with the rest of the team.

    Thank you ofor writing to us!


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    Song Categories change

    AGRRE, the new song categories is very not userfriendly
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    Agreed here too. I can't find the Just Dance Unlimited songs. Just more garbage categories i have to scan through or search them by name.
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    I'm a big Just Dance fan. I have it from 2014 thru 2017 for both Wii U and Xbox, and even have it for 2017 for the Switch, and I have annual Unlimited subscriptions for both platforms.

    However, the recent category change is a bit frustrating.

    For one, I had done all but about 20 of the 300+ Unlimited songs, when suddenly the categories changed. With all of the dances shuffled, it's hard to find all of the songs. I believe I've finally finished doing every Unlimited dance at least once, but it's hard to be sure.

    For another, a few songs seem to not be listed in any category. For example, I can't find the Barbie version of Chiwawa in any of the categories. The main version of this song is listed under both Easy Peasy Party and Hall of Fame, but I don't see Barbie anywhere. However, if I type Chiwawa in the Search option, I find both versions of the Chiwawa song.

    Here's a funny thing. When I click on Just Dance from the main menu and have Rival Mode selected, it tells me that I have 336 songs played (610%). When I scroll through the songs, I see superstars on every song, so it seems like I have done every song. (If I haven't, there "should" be an icon without any superstars below it, but I don't see any.) However, there must be at least 5 missing songs that aren't on the list. The reason is that when I go to Video Challenges and select Create a Challenge, it tells me that there are 341 songs to choose from. I've combed through this list though and haven't been able to figure out which other songs (besides the Barbie version of Chiwawa) are missing.

    You had this problem with the old categories to some extent, but it was better then. For example, although the Barbie version of Chiwawa hadn't been listed in A-E under the old categories, it was listed under Solo in the old categories, so it could be found without knowing that it was available through the Search option.

    Yet another problem is that at least one song is missing from the Video Challenges. For example, there are three versions of I Kissed a Girl in Unlimited (you can find two versions under Keep On Partying, and the Sweat version under Fitness), but only two of these show up in the Video Challenges (the main version and the Sing Along version). The Sweat Version is missing from the Video Challenges. Therefore, it seems that there are at least 342 songs total (including every dance you can find with Just Dance 2017, Unlimited or not), whereas the Rival Mode of Just Dance only sees 336. It seems that at least 6 Unlimited songs are un-findable unless you happen to know the title of the song to search for it (like the Chiwawa Barbie version). Unfortunately, I don't know what the other songs are. If the Solo, Duet, Trio, and Quartet categories could reappear, I believe I could find a couple more, but as I recall from before the switch, there are a few that didn't even show up there.

    Another problem lies in the new categories themselves and the songs included in them.

    There are about 200 songs listed under Keep on Partying, but about 10 to 45 songs in the other categories. If anyone chooses the Playlist option for Keep on Partying, they will drop dead before they finish dancing! That's an unmanageable number of songs just to navigate through, let alone dance to. It would be better to have more categories without too many songs in any one category.

    The Easy Peasy Party category may be misleading. For one thing, a dance that is easy on Wii U is often difficult on Xbox Kinect, and vice-versa. For example, while Gangnam Style is relatively easy on Wii U, it is very difficult on Xbox Kinect. As a counterexample, Happy is much easier on Xbox than it is on Wii U. I can imagine new Xbox Kinect dancers getting frustrated with Gangnam Style, Dragostea Din Tei, and Watch Me, which are lumped into the Easy category.

    If Ubisoft could at least add the Solo, Duet, Trio, and Quartet categories back to Unlimited, this would be quite useful. For example, suppose you have two friends over, and the 3 of you want to dance. It's really handy to go to the Trio search and find dances with exactly 3 dancers. But we can't do that now.

    As I mentioned in the beginning, I really LOVE Just Dance. I'm a huge fan. This is just my two cents on the changes to the Unlimited categories. Talking with others, it seems it may be more problematic than Ubisoft had anticipated. I'm looking forward to Just Dance 2018.
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    Totally agree!
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    Thank You, Just Dance & Ubisoft. Today, the A to E, F to J, K to R, and S to Z categories returned to Just Dance Unlimited. This is very helpful. I also see that the Keep on Partying category was replaced with a much shorter monster-themed category (that's cool with Halloween approaching). (If anybody was using the alphabetical categories to try and figure out which songs you haven't done yet, I recommend browsing through it and writing down the songs you haven't done just in case these categories disappear again...)
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