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    Title Update 1.17 Bug Fix Patch Notes

    With this next patch we are focused on remaining bugs, particularly for 4 player party mode and coop. This update will be coming to PC first, with console following shortly a week later. See the outline below for details on the update.

    While we do not foresee releasing any additional title updates after this patch, we will continue to be present in the community and are keeping a watchful eye over the game!

    Leaderboards seasons will also continue on and will reset in November. This will offer the chance to earn any clothing rewards items you may have missed in the last year!

    4 Party Player Mode:

    •Fixed exploit where a bounty event is automatically completed when entering Marin HQ tunnel.
    •Fixed situation where mission objective could become desynced after join in progress for Man Vs Machine.
    •Dedsec NPCs will no longer multiply when a party member leaves an online session and rejoins inside the Hackerspace.
    •Fixed cases where fast travel to another player would stop working.
    •Fixed an issue where a player would be unable to move after dying in Showdown.


    •Fixed issue where the second hunter was not always teleported to a bounty target.
    •Fixed an issue where coop hunters could be disconnected from each other when Bounty is completed.
    •Fixd issue of players not always being engaged to the Loot Truck event when joining through the menu.
    •Fixed cases where Loot Truck event could suddenly end and players are disconnected from co-op session.
    •During a hacking invasion, fixed cases where co-op party was disbanded.
    •Update fix to the infinite “Connecting” message in certain circumstances.


    •[PC] Fixed issue where Marcus was unable to exit certain vehicles when parked near a wall.

    Update: We'd like to clarify that in this patch we also closed a loophole where PC mods could be used in online modes. Mods can still be used freely while playing offline with EasyAntiCheat disabled. This has been the policy since launch, as a way of balancing support for player creativity while also safeguarding a positive and fair online multiplayer experience.
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    Key bindings set to standard

    What the hell is going on? After the patch all of my key bindings are set to standard. Whats wrong and how to get my key bindings back?
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    Originally Posted by Luziphur Go to original post
    What the hell is going on? After the patch all of my key bindings are set to standard. Whats wrong and how to get my key bindings back?
    Have you gotten in touch with support about this issue?
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    No performance fixes?

    This game really badly needs some performance optimizations and improvements.

    The fact that I can barely hit 60fps at 1080p Low settings on a graphics card which can easily run GTA High Settings is a problem. I can even play BF4 at Ultra settings or even the original Watch_Dogs at 1080p High settings at around 30-50 fps.

    The performance issues are frankly unacceptable and should really be improved upon.

    A GTX 1080Ti is not a 1440p GPU. It's a 4K GPU. A GTX 1080 is not a 1080p GPU, it's a 1440p GPU.

    Please fix the ridiculously terrible performance.
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    Still present bug:
    -There is something with the servers, and the game crashed when I opened the online contracts app.
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    Customization and 4player party

    Can you guys have a store to change his appearance (hair etc) and remove glasses? Also we need missions like coop in the 4player party, it's kinda boring without them.
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    waoh, after all thoses months we can finaly exit truck when door is blocked xD

    aaaand what about somes improovements ?

    - i easly loose around 15-20fps when driving around, that's pretty crazy

    - for unknow reasons, when you are in "stealth - fight" stance, or when going near a edge, the camera REFUSE to let you look down... it like automaticaly go back to like -10° or something, and after a little moment ( like 5+sec ) you are allowed to lock down, that's so freaking annoying.

    - Camera rotation isnt smooth AT ALL when motion blur isnt used

    - Vehicle camera rotation doesnt have motion blur when vehicle stopped, or low speed => not smooth camera rotation AT ALL. It really hurt look at things "stuttering" "laggy" like that
    It feel like playing a game with 25fps, when, i personal can go to 100+ that's very bad.

    - Give us an option to disable that huge fov change depending of the vehicle speed / let us set vehicle fov

    - Unlock the Y axis camera rotation in vehicle, its VERY annoying because the angle limit look to be bound to world axis and not vehicle local axis, meaning, if you go down a hill / slope, you just see jack sh#t, because you cant rotate the camera down enough to see where you are going...

    - plugin a controler reset the keybind

    - keybinding organization, that's such a freaking mess in the menu.. that's terrific.

    - like calm down the paintball rifle recoil ( doesnt make much sense to have as much recoil as a "real" weapon... )

    - SF fog performances ?

    EDIT : wait ? there is actualy mod aviable for WD2 ? wut ? No one modded your game lol ( in a way saddly.. would have loved to see SP content, since you dropped it for "online stuff" :/ )
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    Apologize with the vehicle fov and PLEASE disable this f****** blue gps line on the road please !

    And i really want a an bonnet View on the vehicule for more immersive drive and same for motor bike ...
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    This must be a joke, right?

    Dear Ubisoft-Team,

    you must be joking to not continue to add content for this game?

    The most of us bought the Season Pass for a lot of money and only getting "human conditions" and "no compromise" as extra content?

    You should add a few extra DLC for this money or refund the money... This Sucks!
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    Not really part of thread but this weeks Challenge - Pickpocket. How do you pickpocket in Watchdogs_2?
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