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    (PS4 community) Rainbow Six Siege - adult gamers with mics

    Hello! I have started a new PS4 community (actual PS4 community, not a web page) that is meant for USA-north american gamers age 21 or older. The idea is to have a place that a more mature minded group of adults can find other like minded people to play Siege with. Please only join if you use a mic, enjoy trying teamwork tactics, and have respect for each other - no cocky a55holes wanted. Any skill level is welcome as long as you are 21 or older.

    Leave your PS4 gamertag here and I will add you, or do a search through the PS4 communities and look for the community named "Rainbow Six Siege - adult gamers with mics"
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    Add me, PSN; TheFastLayne

    Add me, PSN; TheFastLayne
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    Added ... feel free to send me an invite if you see me online. That's usually nights
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    Just a little bump for those that did not see this.
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    PSN : BlazinJazon33 . tired of playing with randoms who love to quit after a first round loss.
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    QBas93's Avatar Junior Member
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    Oct 2014
    Xx-cubas93-xX. I'm new to the game but have some knowledge of the game. Only problem is never find groups with Mic or teamwork. Thanks
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    If you want you can add me: Fubar1703

    i'm a average player, nothing special but i like to play serious and with some fun in the team of course
    i'm just a little bit older then 21.....39 to be excactly
    from the EU (the netherlands) by the way
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    PSN: HeliosIXI
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    Sorry Fubar1703, I am trying to keep this all North American so we can minimize latency and have similar time zones.
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