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    Too late but if I were to balance air burst seeker mines...

    I would leave the damage as it was in 1.5.

    Then,I would make them expend fuel in their search for a target.
    Nearly 100% strength if thrown on top of the target and down to nearly 0% strength if their spend their whole duration searching.

    As the seekers life bar drops,so does it's power.
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    Kool idea

    What if you could only drop it at your feet (Throwing such advanced equipment might be a bad idea), and it targets the first person/NPC you shoot since it dropped.
    This way the seeker user has some control over where it goes and the victim might have enough time to react.
    Also make them a little louder as well with a more distinct noise while it approaches someone.

    I know airbursts were powerful, but they're easily avoided, if you can react to them, but sometimes they're thrown on you, they come outta nowhere or you have 4 chasing you. I think these ideas could help with that
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