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    Rapid Fire with Shotguns is still a problem with PTS 3

    1. What is the issue you're experiencing?

    You can still rapid fire shotguns.

    2. What were you doing when this issue occurred?

    In the darkzone. Testing the SASG

    3. Are you able to recreate the issue?

    Yes. You can rapid fire by aiming down the sight and firing at the same time with a controller or you can use script with cronusmax

    4. What you done in an attempt to correct this issue?

    Nothing. Client side issue.

    5. Have you ever experienced a similar issue on the Live game and not the PTS?
    Yes, This issue is a current problem in the live game.

    Here is a video rapid firing with a dual shock 4 controller

    Here is a video rapid firinig with cronusmax. I am not naming or shaming this individual. This video shows that you can still use cronusmax to rapid fire. we were strictly testing this for testing purposes.

    Bottom line: Further changes are need to address this issue.
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    This is a HUGE problem, & so far Nothing has been done about it. They claim they implemented some fix, but that's BS, I'm still seeing it
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    Hi there guys,

    Thanks for highlighting the issue. We know about it of course, having seen it around on the forums..
    We did introduce an RPM cap to counteract this, but we are also looking into further measures we can take to negate its influence on the game.

    For any further info as we get it, State of the Game would be the first port of call.

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    cronusmax (hard cap will not help)

    Here is the script and what the cronusmax actually does. https://youtu.be/OtNiZY3bVaI please fix this or at least start banning the users that are report for using the device. The RPM cap WILL NOT help cause the timing can be changed to adjust with the hard cap. PLEASE HELP with this issue or you will keep losing gamers!
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