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    PTS Feedback

    Really loving the whole patch idea along with the commendations just wish it updated as the play went along also with the character update because my guns where *** at the time but that's irrelevant personal problems, regarding the virtual currency GE credits, Target Intel Weapon Kits,Division Tech all have a nice cap increase that should stay around that amount due to the fact it would give players more to work towards regarding the crafting and recalibration stations seeing that the original credits we obtain is easier to earn by selling junk items. Also giving the Commendations a score number was very clever even though some people don't care about certain things, it still brings competition to those who actually are aware and get bored of repetitive game play.

    In regards to my gear set and global event gameplay the **** was challenging I just tried to matchmake Dragons Nest incursion on Heroic with the severe outbreak modifier and it was no ****in joke if there is no structured team play it is quick to go unconscious either from getting slapped by raining bullets the computer or having them actually drain your health from being to close the PVE has definitely went from Moderately on ***, to having no remorse for **** ups. The 6 piece reclaimer has no effect to the shenanigans that you will indulge in, the extra support range and duration is nice although in which doing you will have to decide on wether say **** the 50% to have no cool down triggered when destroyed by an enemy or just blow box up and receive the health Your blessed with to each is own.
    As for the Striker gear set running solo is very interesting at 8,000 Firearms my SASG is doing 107k Damage all gear rolled to firearms having 40% skill haste I'm not to sure why my damage is so low but seeing as that the 4th talent allows you to stack damage and this is a Test Server . . . .I can not complain I'm very anxious to see the Nomad and Tactician 5 and 6 pieces will be I wasn't very interested in the sentrys call or final measure being that you only have 6 loadout spots I have 2 specifically set for reclaimer an tactician for the street punks who can't shoot a real man's gun so not going for accuracy wasn't a hard choice endless they **** with the gun recoil and make things a little more shaky . . . . . Hahaha but no the final measure has a nice improvement I just choose to the run face first into battle so how I die generally doesn't matter because I deserved it endless the sissys who can't shoot use sorcery all dam game (PLEASE CHANGE THE DAMAGE ON THE ****ING FLAME TURENT MY GOSH)
    And as for the lone star like I said I'm solo on here due to me being the chosen one out of my friends list the extra shotgun damage is nice but when your by your lonesome Rocking to the neck the struggle is still very real.

    To end I appreciate the experience so I felt led to add the feedback I know it would not be fair to maintain further progress that was earned while playing I at least would Luke to keep the vanity items or resource requirement items. . . . .we where the chosen few lol gracias
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    Guaranteed classified gear

    Wondering why there is a guaranteed way to get every type of gear in this game but classified?...Make a weekly classified mission task where you give a guaranteed classified item...Maybe complete all legendary mission to get one...Or complete all the global events on the highest difficulty to get one....
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