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    Better visual indication that item is a Classified item

    Issue: I have the problem to identify at a single glance in my inventory that I got a Classified Item from a Global Event Cache.

    Location: Inventory / Loadout Screen

    Workaround / Solution: Change the 'light grey folder icon' to a 'fire engine red folder icon' or make a better 'more in your face' visual that you picked up a Classified Gear Set Item. The main color of the Classified items should still be green. Maybe a red border around the Classified Gear Set item is a possible / easy solution.

    Notes: When playing on console I don't have the same distance to the screen / TV than PC players and it's hard to see the Classifieds at a quick glance.
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    I was thinking make the gear set logo in black/darker grey color and a frame OR make the folder bigger and put big light transparent red / white / black / grey ''classified'' stamp all covered maybe the special frame too.
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    I agree.
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    Yep definitely agree with this one. Why not just have a new colour so it's blatantly obvious lol
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    A new color would be a clear way to indicate
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    I also like the idea of changing the colour of the document marker in the gear icon. Maybe the Division orange
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