I've already posted my initial thoughts back on PTS 1 on Sentry, Reclaimer, Final Measure and Striker, so with the end in sight for the PTS I thought it time to post reviews on the other gearsets as well as updates on the ones previously tested:

Deadeye - Been a fan of Deadeye since it's introduction many moons ago (back when First Wave M1A's were king of the MMR), but not sure about this classified set, the 10 second timer appears to start as soon as you get the head shot kill so in effect you only get 5 seconds of the additional 100% CHD and stability (is this intended?); think the 10 second timer should start once the green bar is full and you're at the 100% additional CHD. I ran a full 10k FA build, tried a SOCOM MK20 & Custom M44, and honestly 4 piece Deadeye with Reckless Chest and 9k FA hits just the same (2 shots to kill someone in PvP with the M44). If I was building Classified Deadeye I would go with 5 pieces and Reckless Chest.

Lonestar - The Gearset no-one wanted but always dropped back in 1.3. Now though, the 6 piece talent is actually good fun when it activates, I would say it encourages you to use a Heavy Spring Magazine (for the CHC) over an Extended Magazine just so you can get the talent working more frequently. I say this because I used an M60 with 200+ rounds and it did feel like you were waiting forever for the magazine to run down!

Sentry's Call - As a fan of sitting back and playing the sniper role, I love this GS, it's easily better than Classified Deadeye as the sniper set of choice. With Deadeye I was achieving 500k+ shots (10K FA) but with Sentry I was hitting 1.5m Headshots (7k FA); not seen these kind of numbers since 1.3!

Reclaimer - Once I was able to recalibrate the gear I achieved 250k SP which made for a pretty strong support station and still left me enough FA to do some decent damage. I would say this is a must have for any group looking to run incursions/legendary missions.

Final Measure - My buddy did more testing with this than me, but from what I saw when running legendary content, this GS was useful for dealing with grenade spamming. I would say it's best built as some kind of support role.

Striker - Saved the best/worst for last. The normal Striker set is pretty OP, but with the healing factor added for Classified makes this GS godlike to say the least. I think it's great for Solo PvE players looking to clear the hardest content on their own, but for PvP something needs to be done (as previously suggested please take the healing factor out from PvP, you've removed the 6 piece talent from Sentry for PvP so it can be done!). I would say 90+% of the payers I encountered in the DZ were running Classified Strikers, and if I knew what I was doing with recording and posting videos I would upload one to YouTube with some 'gameplay' from yesterday where there was a 4 man team (all running Classified Strikers) on Manhunt just sitting outside the checkpoint melting everyone; great use of a PTS guys would've clapped for them if I hadn't have been getting killed so quickly!

Other thoughts for 1.7; Global Events seem a bit of a novelty and I question whether the grind to play the same content over and over again just to get tokens, to buy caches, to build the Classified Gearsets is going to be enough to keep long term players like myself coming back. Certainly new players to the game who haven't run Lexington over 1,000 times for a Barrett's Chest Piece will enjoy the events.

I would advise that the matchmaking system be tweaked for Global Events; when trying to matchmake you are not able select the last modifier because this is for groups only, this has led to being placed in a group where the last modifier was not active because the Team Leader did not know to go back in a change the mission parameters.

SASG nerf; what nerf! As predicted if you add accuracy mods and the accuracy talent the nerf gets countered, and let's be honest if you're running Striker you don't really need any crits, you just want to get the stacks up as quick as possible so you can 2-3 shot everyone. As mentioned on a few times before, the solution is not to nerf the SASG but to remove aim assist on consoles for PvP, this will stop people abusing the left trigger right trigger combo with their shotgun builds!

I would like to know what is going to be done to address the horrendous lag in the game, I've seen teleporting players in the DZ, I've emptied clips into players and registered no damage; are these people cheating or are am I a victim to server lag?

Keyboard and Mouse on console seems to be a big thing now, is this something that's here to stay, is it now a case if you can't beat them join them, or is it going to be addressed like the Cronus Max issue?

Finally I would like to say thank you for allowing me to be a part of the PTS and whilst I'm not some big name YouTuber (though they all seem to have left the game) I do hope my small voice is heard and some of my suggestions on this post and other threads are considered.