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    Is settlers 8 even coming?

    i think my question says it all..
    does anyone know?
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    ime a big fan of the settlers i even remember the first settlers game where i had to go to England on a boote for my amiga sinds i could not find it in my country Belgium.
    Good times and lots of fun hours sinds the settlers 1 and the next series.
    I just wanne say i hope the series never dies and sinds its 2018 and still no news from the settlers 8 and after its cancelation i do hope there working on a even better version but no news on the web.
    For suche a fan like me i find they really let us hang there lingering for the settlers 8.
    I really would appreciate some news from the developers or at least somewone with some vallid and true information ime sure some info is not asking to much is it?
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