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    Mostly thanks to the Original Graphic team because they did the biggest job here , i only modified their stuff by adding some cutscene lighting etc
    i also forgot to say that i Modified the Vehicle lighting and spotlights of police cars and helicopters and even reworked the Fire textures because they look too cartoonish in my opinion , so what i did was taking watch dogs 1 textures and changing their colours to the same ones as WD2 Ones , works like charm and looks 100% times better and more Smoother , also changed the muzzle flash for Weapons (Again WD1 Textures)
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    Originally Posted by Ubi-Iudex Go to original post
    Hands-down my favorite!
    Postcard material!
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    This mod no longer works in Online , that means i will no longer update this mod (because its pointless to update it since it prevents from joining online)
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    These screenshots have 0 texture adjustments , i edited the substances so regular maps are greater reviews visible on the skin and clothes , made it less extensive on hair and so on , changed the tree's and floor normal maps too
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