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  • Pinning Ability

    14 40.00%
  • KO Punch

    2 5.71%
  • Low Stamina Usage

    8 22.86%
  • Stamina Debuff Attribute

    7 20.00%
  • UB Stab

    1 2.86%
  • KO Punish

    1 2.86%
  • Wall Combo

    2 5.71%
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    Centurion's Nerf POLL

    Hi Cent Haters,

    I think its time to make this poll. Just remembered that we are closing to 3rd season, where Devs promise us to give nerf to cent.

    From my observation so far (been playing this game since march), Devs never give hero additional moves or remove their default move, only addin or removin properties from them, for examp Kensei's swift attack and helm splitter where currently cant be interrupted by block, Shinobi where devs slows down his kick, etc.

    My point is we could not ask something outside of this, therefore my ideas is lets vote which traits/move of cent that should be nerfed/reduced its properties.

    I hate the current cent, but I also agree that we have to be fair in nerfing him. Nerf him too much he will be broken.

    My aim is to get attention of the devs to nerf top 2 voted traits.

    My personal opinion, Cent's PINing move is top of the list. This move is very destructive for 4v4. Pinning enemy in gangin situation will guaranteed free hit from other teammates, plus can be followed up with KO punch, which can be followed up again by cents KO punish. My idea is simple, just remove the PINing ability, change it to normal stab is enough.

    Really apreciate besides voting, you guys also give the reason and ideas.

    I will open this poll for 2 weeks.

    Looking forward for interesting ideas. Thank you
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    Pinning and knock down. They're easily debilitating in 4s, and integral to his "vortex."

    To be honest, I don't like the character at all, but those two things might help.
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    Pinning hands down.

    Everything else is reactable in 4v4 settings, while his version is a tremendously stronger version of what other heroes do, in essence it is the same thing with other heroes when it comes to kicks and close quarters melee.

    But pinning is straight off ******** since it guarantees 60 damage from Centurion alone, and his allies have 6 seconds to pummel you. It is a direct death sentence that is literally the easiest move to pull off in entire game. It tracks, curves around obstacles, tracks and catches dodges or even rolled away opponents and then ensures Shugo hug grade (or maybe better) CC. On top of that they can very easily make it unblockable.

    If I needed an example of broken gameplay mechanics it would be charged heavy with no competition.
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    Goddarn pins.
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    vgrimr_J's Avatar Senior Member
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    he needs a lot more stam usage or a lot smaller stamina pool. **** has too much stamina and little stamina usage.

    great idea to give a hero super fast heavys and huge stamina pool on top of huge stamina drain... why is it taking so long to nerf him you guys found a nerf for shinobi fast af but not for centurion? oh thats right... romans little baby
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    I'm just so sick and tired of this Centurion Cancer it wouldn't bother me in the slightest if they deleted him completely, he's such a cheap *** character that has totally wrecked the 4v4 modes with all these BS spamming unblockables, stamina drains and ****%ng ridiculous 360 tracking on their stabs

    it seems UBI just doesn't give a fu#k about the rest of the player-base, it seems like each season they want there to be one totally OP wrecker for all the bandwagon players to just pick up and win with, in S1 it was the PK in S2 its the Centurion and i'm sure it will be the same in S3, they'll finally nerf the Centurion and the new whatever will replace him as the new OP as fu&k angel of death,
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    Centurion need to be put on the same level as everybody else. His stamina damage is annoying, his stamina consumption is a joke and his guaranteed punished is unfair. The guy is a "melee specialist" in a melee game...

    Duel against a Centurion isn't fun anymore, because you know you can't do a mistake. He can win basicaly almost every trade. His pin attack is superior and lead to guaranteed damage. Then you suddenly run OOS and here it comes the boredom of try defend yourself against a huge pressure like no other hero has, risking stay OOS for the rest of the round.

    While using my Berserker or the Vakyrie (Shinobi I gave up, he can't win against nobody), I need to work A LOT to damage him, while he can win a match sometimes with 2 combos. I usually challenge Centurion players to use any other hero, where they can't win when they accept. Centurion is made for bad players, and looks like (it's the same situation as Peacekeeper before) Ubi is scared to balance it and lose those who think they are good using a broken character.

    Really, everytime I see a Centurion I sigh, try fight "until" run OOS, then drop the controller for the rest of the round. Doesn't worth the effort.
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    18 votes in less than one day, thx guys )

    Lets make FH better
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    UbiJurassic's Avatar Community Manager
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    A great thread, nufrancis! We know Centurion is a near and dear problem to many player's hearts and we welcome any and all feedback on him. I'll be sure to make a note of the thread and keep an eye on the results.
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    Thats a nice thread man Props. but i have a qes. does his normal or mid charge heavy pins you ? because i know his fully charged heavy does pin you and i can easily dodge that. but since yesterday i was getting het with normal heavy and i was pinned everytime. maybe there was framedrops but it happend everytime all day. so what do you that is ?
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