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    R6 Community Discusses: Mute

    This edition of "R6 Community Discusses" will focus on the operator MUTE. This series has been added to the R6 forums to facilitate discussions in the community involving operator use, gadgets and strategy that often get buried or lost in the abundance of others posts that flood the forums.

    The goal of this series is to not only give new players a primer on a specific operator or map, but also for mid-level or competitive players a chance to share the knowledge that they have accrued in their experiences and maybe let people know something that they did not know before.

    So let's discuss Mute:

    Link to Mute Operator Information HERE
    Mute Wiki

    Below are some discussion points we would like to see from community members that decide to respond. Feel free to discuss other information that may be helpful to the community about this operator. Posts that do not contribute to the healthy discussion of this thread will be removed.

    1) In your opinion, what is this operatorís primary or ideal role in the team?
    2) The operatorís gadget and how it will help the team achieve its goals. Please share any tidbits you may know to help expand discussion.
    3) The operatorís loadout, and how best to optimize it. This includes primaries, secondaries, and secondary gadgets.
    4) What maps and game modes does this operator do well on?
    5) What maps and game modes does this operator struggle on?
    6) What other operators synergize well with this operator being on their team?
    7) What opposing operators check or counter this operator?
    8) What strategies have you adopted while playing this operator and why?
    9) What is something that a new player should know when playing this operator, or what is something you know that would help a veteran player take that next step?
    10) What is your overall opinion of this operator? Where would you rank them among the other operators?
    11.) What change, if any, would you make to this operator for better balance in the game?

    +Any videos showcasing strategies or highlights are welcome!

    Thanks in advance to all who share!

    Links to our past discussions can be found here:
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    Mute probably in one of the most versatile operators with his gadget, since it can works in many ways for the defense, either protecting reinforced walls, disabling drones, protecting windows from fuze, very versatile in defense. Hhi shotguns is definetly very useful but is unreliable lately and even more with the connection issues as most shotguns, i do feel that the MP5K is nothing special or barely avarage, since it has notjing great about it and other similar ones such as the bigger MP5 simply is better due ACOG, and the MP5K doesn't really offer a greater advantage at a closer range as you would think, honestly just a slighty increase in firerate so it's not just a copy of the MP5 with a diferent model and no ACOG.

    His usefullness in dealing with drones i very map dependent, being very easy to protect house second floor or garage but hard to protect train room in kafe, while even if that fails and he choose to protect a wall instead or window, i do think that he could be more useful if he could plant on wall to protect hatches and make his vertical game stronger
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    I have two primary thoughts about Mute in the time this game has been out.

    Post buff (mute area increase), he became much more effective at preventing drones from doing recon and dramatically increasing the number of guarded reinforced walls. However, it has always sort of bother me that he can only place his gadget on the floor. Given it is an area of effect gadget (as opposed to direct contact like Bandit's batteries), I've always felt there is a level of versatility being missed out on. For example, currently the only way to guard drop downs is to either hold that floor or find a perch just below it that a mute charge can be placed (ie. Oregon). Being able to stick mute jammers on the walls (or maybe even throw them like a black eye to somewhere close to the drop down) would be a unique and interesting game changer. Or if it is found that doesn't quite work as intended, maybe allow him to tune the direction of the jamming; sacrifice either width or height for an increase in the opposite, allowing for muting of an objective at the cost of making it more vulnerable/less universal.

    The second thing that I've thought about is wondering if it would be appropriate to create a synergistic partnership with bandit. By this I mean what if Bandit could attach a battery to Mute's jammer to give it a significant range increase. In terms of reinforced walls, the math works out at 50% boost that you'd end up with a deficiency in guarded walls, so it shouldn't be over powered in that respect and it should still be in range of Thatcher EMPs for countering. However, it would work wonderfully for guarding against drones, as the jammer is now much farther away from the entrance and therefore harder to identify.

    What does everyone else think? I think that he currently functions quite well, but feel that there is a whole new level of utility that can be applied from him.
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    Mute is pretty much well balanced as he is. I play him a lot and I greatly enjoy it.
    As other players stated, it's would be great if jammers could stick to walls.
    I would also suggest to show the jammer's radius as a sphere opposed to the circle as of now, just to show potential jamming on the vertical axis as well.
    Lastly, while I understand that all the S.A.S. operators are Speed 2 / Armor 2, it would make more sense for a lightly equipped operator to change his attributes to Speed 3 / Armor 1.
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    Thanks for the feedback so far everyone! There seems to be a trend so far with you all agreeing Mute has a stable role that you could see being improved upon with some minor changes.

    I'm looking forward to hearing more creative ideas from you guys!
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    Mute is one of the best operators in the game. Definitely a must for any defend in my opinion.

    My tips for new players to Mute is to think outside the box. The jammers are not for simply obstructing drones. They can be used, as others have mentioned, to prevent Thermite or Habana from breaching barricaded walls. From stopping Fuze on windows. Etc. Be sneaky and think outside the box.

    The weapon I prefer is the MP5. Its a good mid range weapon with decent control. Sure, the shotgun is good but you are really limiting yourself to close range with it.

    Here is my main gripe with Mute. Jammer placement. It would be absolutely amazing if you could place them on walls and not just the floor or tabletops. Some rooms have top breaches that you cannot jam as there is not an elevated structure close by to put it on, like a table. And by placing it on the floor under the breach there ins't enough range to jam it. But by placing it on walls it could become much more versatile. In my opinion.

    Apart from that, Mute is a well rounded and fun operator to play. I enjoy it and recommend it to any player that has never played him.

    That is my 2 cents. As always, happy gaming!
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    The shotgun is really underpowered, just like all the other shotguns in the game, but can get the job done if you camp behind a shield and make the enemy push you.
    The MP5K is extremely average, a way to balance it would be increasing the fire rate to 900 which is the same as its IRL counterpart, as well as making it unique instead of it just being an MP5 with no ACOG.
    The P226 is a good pistol, I run it suppressed to shoot drones, nothing really exciting about that. As he is a supportive role, he does not have the SMG-11 and it should stay that way, even if it gets a well-deserved nerf.
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    He is well balanced but I feel he needs another secondary weapon. That's about it... pistols arent really in meta anymore.
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    Great insights guys, thanks for the continued feedback!


    If you have any additional information on the bug you mentioned, please PM me with the details so I can get it reported to the team!
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    Mute is a useful operator

    Mute could let R6S's server down XD...
    that's kidding.
    If your team don't have emp, mute could let you crazy.
    Cause you can't explore the wall, it could slow your enemy.

    that's it
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