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    Trials fusion latest update turns full game into demo

    I have Trials fusion on cd /pc deluxe edition,latest update( 5.51 gb ) has turned my full game into a demo version of awesome max level ,says to unlock full game ...
    Got some help from Support,but still not fixed ,now ticket #04955780 is closed and still no full game
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    Same thing here

    i don't know how to fix this, today i picked up the game and was so happy to get playing with all the dlc i just got. When i launch the game nothing comes up, and when it does launch it is a demo. I need help just like u.
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    Wasn't Fusion given away for free in December? When I install and launch it it's the demo as well. And I own the Steam version as well that wont work either. If I try to paste my steam cdkey into Uplay it says it's already activated on my account. Wake up Ubi, someone dropped the ball!
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