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    Originally Posted by SiouxieDuke Go to original post
    Use NinjaBike with 3 Tactician and 2 FireCrest. A full Tactician stack equals complete incineration of enemy targets. Or use the BFB sticky.
    Cancer will always metastasize elsewhere
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    Originally Posted by nairda2k9 Go to original post
    I think that Rock, Paper and Scissors concept of balance has been mentioned before. Some do not like it but I think it has some merit and would go a long way to preventing some of the problems we have seen.

    Each gearset should have it's nemesis, a counter to which it is particularly susceptible. Say for example that seeker builds were effectively one shot to the Deadeye build. If you field a team of four seeker mine builds you are extremely strong but one Deadeye could wipe you all out quite easily.

    That isn't a perfect example but the idea would be to encourage balanced team composition to enable you to counter more builds and protect yourself from other builds etc.
    Definitly agree, there need to be ways to counter anything, and if you'really going to run 4 nearly identical builds, you can run for a bit and have success, but especially in PVP other players will adjust to counter you.

    To me, change is inevitable and I think healthy for the game. It helps to keep the game from becoming stale. Change can be painful, but it's good.
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    Originally Posted by Tijg0rr Go to original post
    I dont play seeker mines build because i think its stupid and not fun to play with. But to agree on something, i don't like the Deadeye build too, its so stupid and not needed in the game because if you are good in sniping then the snipers are already strong. If they make the movingspeed (sidestepping) slower then we al can snipe them too. Deadeye is stupid yes. Oh and the shieldbuild are also OP, they are already hard to hit but they do so much damage.
    Stop saying "stupid" cuz everybody here is translating that to "hater" you gotta know 90% of seeker mines are pve so it won't hurt you if AIRBURST catches you once or twice, beside I think the way you act when seeker is coming to you tells me much why you hate it cuz you seems to standstill ,I have the most powerful seeker mine that I dare any to build up something like with 650k dmg and guess what everybody can dodge that airburst, in matter of fact just by rolling very quick and have decent amount of toughness you can survive the impact of the seeker, so get your **** together
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    Seeker Mines

    To say that seeker mine takes no skill makes it apparent and clear you have no clue what you're saying.
    I have a midmaxed Tachtician Seeker / Healer build. 6 Sec cooldown on the defib, and 8 secs on the seekers.
    It has taken me about 2500 of playtime to get it perfected and I hate to see it flushed down the toilet like this.
    I've perfected it to the max and run with a dedicated PVP team as their designated healer.
    The only DPS we have in PVP Seeker / Healer builds are our seekers for crowd control and support.
    Let's face it, we run around with absolutely no toughness and no weapon damage so off course there should be a place for us.
    What's been done to the seekers are absolute ******** right now and the only true counter to the ongoing shotgun , chronos max ******** is now gone.
    Just fix this allready or we will be back to thge Division 1.3 crap, and nobody wants that.
    Leave the seekers alone. There is ways to disrupt, shoot and destroy and dodge em, so stop nerfing everything to the ground cause all the DPS people think it's a Call Of Duty game. Can't handle the seekers, stay out of PVP. Period.
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    And a few more thaughts.

    One-Shot-One-Kill shouldn't be only Deadeye, or SASG12 or the ongoing Lonestar Shotgun problem we now face in 1.7.
    Just fix it allready. My 0.02$
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