Hello, I'm Ravignir and I had two purposes in making this topic.
First: I have a question to Ubisoft:

Is it possible that You will make official paper version of your dead M&M DoC online card game?
You have all needed materials - It shouldn't be a problem to hire external printing company. I know it is always about the money and wasting it is a bad thing. However You have all the needed materials to make a paper version of M&M DoC, and keeping these on dump is also a waste. I hope You will answer!

Second: A part for former M&M DoC players (not only):

I have something special for You. Recently I made a print-and-play version of Duel of Champions.

Link to Google Drive with all the cards and needed materials (2 languages ENG and POL):

What will You find there? Well:
Standard version of all cards
Alternate version of cards, inc. never released Hikyu and Sveltana.
Token Cards - Breeder, Human Soldier, Skeleton, Nature Elemental and Generic Token used for Shadow Image and Ink Warrior.
Dragon Crystal Card
X-mas, Halloween cards.
Print Template
Print Instruction
Card Backs
Alternate Card Backs
Playmat Battleground

Write to me if You have questions or If You find any mistakes.