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    The Final Call - Good Bye stream on 30/10 - Uraxor, CuCu99, Aza404 and guests

    Champions, friends,

    with heavy hearts we received the news of demise of our once-so-beloved and forever-dear [Game], Duel of Champions. It is too late now to call to arms and fight for survival, yet we refused to let go without a notice. For that reason and to show Ubisoft that this game had, and continues to have (quite literally beyond grave) the best player base out there, we decided to commemorate this sad moment with one more stream, The Finall Call.

    The stream shall take place on Sunday 30th October, day before the servers shut down.
    The Finall Call shall take place tomorrow, Sunday 30/10 at CuCu's channel. We will begin at 17:00 CET.


    • Hosts: Uraxor, CuCu99, Aza404
    • Exact time and stream channel are CuCu's Twitch, 17:00 CET.
    • Multi-lingual support of channels in other languages is hopefully coming as well, check with your favorite non-English DoC streamer!
    • Facebook event can be joined here.
    • Expect a relaxing afternoon / evening, filled with (more or less) casual DoC games, debates about its history, our fondest memories, videos from past tournaments and, most importantly, a stunning list of guests!

    Guest list:

    • Matrix.disc, first Duel of Champions World Champion, one of the first streamers and a great player.
    • Kimmundi, along with Aza our dearest Community Manager, baguette eater and a proud beret wearer.
    • Jason Paradise, star of the second-gen of Community Managers, DoC's very own ginger.
    • Nillicomes, the heart of competitive and not-so-competitive community, participant in a score of top tournaments.
    • hectoring, Beat the Jack winner
    • avkall, DoC's 2nd World Champion
    • LurifaxB, Ascension of Legends winner
    • Simon the Dev - one of the DoC's very own grandfathers!
    • SpaceElephant - one more giant descending directly from the Ubisoft planes to meet and greet everyone

    Stay strong and united, we shall leave this game with the bang it deserves!


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    I will be there
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    Let's make sure we say goodbye as load as we can!
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    Hopefully I will be there,

    I may take one final DoC lesson from the best CG teacher cucu99 or I may learn how to tame a serpentfly from kimmundi who knows

    Thanks for organazing such great event Uraxor <3
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    I'll reinstall the game for this!
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    I won't miss that !
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    I will be present for sure.
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    I will be there !
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    Rip DoC :'( I appreciate the initiative !
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    You can count on me, i will be there :-)
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