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    Can't finish bike upgrade

    Hello, i recently completed an upgrade on my Jackal bike. I can click the checkmark but it does not go on to install the upgrade. I am connected to internet and I tried resetting my ipad air2 but that did not help..

    Please help me, thanks in advance,

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    Is there nobody on the forum who has/ had the same problem? I've contacted support but I get no reaction. The upgrade is stuck in limbo. I cant finish it, please help me...
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    Hey Sjors2017, sorry about this experience of yours. Please contact our Customer Support at Support.Ubi.com - they’ll be able to help you out with this very quickly.
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    So did you ever actually get it to work? Because I have the same problem with the tango bike. I click the check mark and it gets bigger but doesn’t actually equip the upgrade.
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    I am also assuming you are in the same boat as me with upgrading the Tango Engine. I have submitted a customer services ticket and they haven't yet to resolve it, The devs apparently cannot upgrade the bike manually from their end either .... so who knows if this is a common bug or not.
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