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    Making a BGE2 fan 3d animation progress (still looking for help!)

    Hey guys

    I'm making a fan video for Beyond good and evil 2! It's going to be a little bit like the cinematic trailer (not so good quality of course )

    I have experience with animating and making scripts, but unfortunately I have absolutely 0 experience with modeling and creating characters. So if people are interested, I can always use help!

    My plan is to first make a short video about Knox and Shani's adventures and after that I want to make videos of certain ideas that come from the space monkeys. So for example someone suggests an idea that you can fly vehicles through a flying market and trade with villagers.. I will make a visualization video about that so the dev team can get inspiration from the community! And the forum can give input how certain things will look.

    I can show some early previews but please keep in mind my modeling experience is beginner level so they may not really look like the characters yet (still working on this). And if you guys have feedback or tips or know other 3d designers who may be interested to help please let me know!

    Knox early model:

    Shanni hair physics (Cinema 4d)

    Shanni clothing early:

    Shanni hair preview:

    Shanni 3d model (wrong placeholder hair):
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    I wonder if they would give us access to the character models^^
    I do not judge on that, because I got no plan how to animate nor modeling.

    I have a suggestion! No capes. You know those will kill heroes. I hope we all know that!
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    Unfortunately I was unable to finish this project due to some situations in my personal life. But if anyone has concepts, feel free to share them and maybe I can try to make an animation of it in the future to get some inspiration for the dev teams. Thanks
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    Oh! Was an interesting project...
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    You're doing pretty well. I also started modeling quite recently, but my work is much worse than yours. I practically have no help and hints besides articles about 2D and 3D animation processes. Now I read quite a few articles, I follow the forums and watch video tutorials on this topic. At first, I prefer to read professional explanations and views, to observe and then begin to work independently. And your work is already a small inspiration for me, as for a novice animator. I hope you will succeed!
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    Your work is really impressive, and I can say that from experience since we just started a new business arm dealing with 3D animation and the difficulties we are facing in coming up with the right sort of work are humongous. We came to realize that the difference between 2D and 3D animation is so vast and requires a special skill gap to be fulfilled if one needs to make presentable 3D models. Let me share a few tips to help you out from experience. Firstly, you can opt for self help materials like online videos, blogs etc, to give you a basic idea on things, second is to get a good mentor and this is perhaps the most important out of the lot, as in this area, only an experienced person can help you out. We reached out on reddit in specific communities for 3D artists and the help we got from there was top draw, you should check it out as well
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