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    Multiplayer bug/freeze


    I and my friend bought H7 + DLC... installed it. And started our first match.. Normal map from selection. Everything went well until we meet in battle. So we re-arranged our units in lines before battle.. Everything seemed OK.
    But after a few of turns (like 2 or 3 turns) game always freezed. Well user interface, menu options and everything including even a chat is working but not battle. Game says that opponent is on the turn and I need to wait. So I asked my friend if he could play that turn already while he said me that he is seeing exactly the same thing: That I am on turn and he is waiting for me.
    So we are unable to play between us because we will never finish any battle between us. We can only quit the game and start a new one just to find out that this bug will show up a few turns later...

    We had this bug in EVERY match we played. We are unable to finish a one game when we two meet. Everything other in game is absolutely normal.. I play campaing and against AI without problem but against normal people through internet it just crash in the first battle.1
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    same issue

    we had the same problem, could you solve the problem?
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    this can be solved via reload sometimes, just load last turn and try again, beside that, the MP isnt the most stable one, so either it works or it doesnt, i think it also depends on the Server Status of ubi which might vary on time of the day? or week? xD howeverm it is possible to Play quite long matches without much Problems, u just Need some luck
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    the same issue

    We reloaded few times and still we can't make one normal fight. Can you solve that?
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    Bugs !

    Kelnar11 <= same problem all time !
    only bug in this game, dissapears artefacts ! i use caravan = give me and my enemy player ! WTF ?!
    We cant battle, we have turn in same time ! WTF?!
    Sell this game normal firm! repair it ! all time bug-game-bull-**** !
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    It's december and the bug is still present

    can you tell me how can this bug stay in game for so long after it has been reported? Will this game get ever fixed? How can you put out game which is not playable online?

    I really loved HoMaM, but 6 & 7 were disasters, good job for ruining this series.... This game looks like it wasn't even tested...
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    same problem

    Did any one trie via LAN? Like using Hamachi instead of Online mode?
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    Exactly the same problem!
    We tried playing via Uplay and over a local network (Radmin VPN). It's always the same. The final battle freezes.
    Both have an open NAT and port 27015. Added exceptions in the firewall.
    Bought the game a week ago, especially for multiplayer.
    Gentlemen at Yubisoft, do you understand that You are selling an unplayable game? DELIBERATELY sell, knowing that it does not work?
    I demand either to allocate a technical support specialist to solve this issue, or to return my money
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    Hey Amorphis-1976 - thank you for your post, and please accept my apologies for the delayed reply.

    If you have not already done so, please complete the full list of steps outlined in our support article here (and have your friend do the same).

    If issues persist, let us know, so that we can investigate further with you.
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    This problem with freezes in battle still continue, they know it all time, they f.... it
    This game is unplayable in multiplayer.
    Ubisoft cheating all buyers Heroes of Might and Magic 7 - its reality
    They have your money and you have not product
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