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    Facebook cloud save deletion

    I have my game synced to facebook sync. However the save that is there is older than what is on my device. whenever I try to sync it it want's to restore the old save instead of over writing the old save with the new save that is on the device. Does anyone know how to delete the cloud saved info. I have logged into facebook and deleted the app data and yet it still stays when trying to sync.
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    Hello and welcome to the Forums,

    Which game are you playing?

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    Hello, I'm also having this problem in Assassin's Creed: Rebellion. My progress as a guest is newer than my save in Facebook cloud. Can I overwrite the one in my cloud using the guest save? Thanks!
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    if you log in online there will be a notice saying which one do you want to use with the time stamp. So you can either use your phone's or your cloud but you just need to log in online first.

    Are you online?
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    Hi, i have the same problem.. game freezes at loading screen when i connected to FB. How to delete cloud save data that I not being notified get cloud save file and game start from fresh new position?
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    have u been trying ctrl + f5?
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    Same problem too, bern trying to get around it but failed
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    Originally Posted by entredlis Go to original post
    have u been trying ctrl + f5?
    What do you mean? On phone ctrl+f5 ????
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    Can ubi support to help us and delete our accounts linked to FB ?? I guess they should delete our emails, thats all
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    I'm also trying to delete my cloud save, since my first go was a mess, and I want to start fresh and play more smart. If anything, you could create another email, and Facebook, and use that new email/Facebook to start over. Currently the only temporary solution, but like the rest of you, I want to just keep everything and only delete the save.
    Hopefully a better solution arises soon.
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