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    R6 Community Discusses : Glaz

    This edition of "R6 Community Discusses" will focus on the operator GLAZ. This series has been added to the R6 forums to facilitate discussions in the community involving operator use, gadgets and strategy that often get buried or lost in the abundance of others posts that flood the forums.

    The goal of this series is to not only give new players a primer on a specific operator or map, but also for mid-level or competitive players a chance to share the knowledge that they have accrued in their experiences and maybe let people know something that they did not know before.

    So let's discuss GLAZ:

    Link to Glaz Operator Information HERE
    Glaz Wiki
    Information on Glaz's 2.1 Changes

    As Glaz has gone through many changes recently, this discussion will differ slightly from our usual discussions.

    Let's focus on a few different aspects of Glaz:

    1.) Glaz's Thermal Scope:
    -How do you feel about the thermal scope and how it effects Glaz's role?
    -Do you think the scope is too powerful for game balance?
    -If you think it should be changed, how do you think it should work?

    2.) Glaz's 2.1 change:
    -Do you feel the changes to Glaz's damage drop off help with balance?
    -What do you think about the Dragonuv's recoil change?
    -How do you feel about the stun and smoke grenade swaps for Ash/Thermite and Jackal/Fuze?

    We also welcome general discussion of Glaz and encourage players to share tips, tricks, and strategies they utilize while playing Glaz!

    +Any videos showcasing strategies or highlights are welcome!

    Thanks in advance to all who share!

    Links to our past discussions can be found here:
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    Just gonna do my usual complain about how he works. His scope being able to see through smoke without a time limit or cooldown makes it so he's extremely cheap with smokes, and the change in smokes in the attackers loudout affect eveyone but him making a bunch of operators worse, even though he's meant to be used in a long range support position where if someone comes out he shoots then he's better used as a pointman due the smokes, the damage drop-off on his rifle makes long range engaments a disavantage since a player can just headshot him with a weapon with better fire rate, his not a good long range characther in most maps since his gun is better at close range.

    Change his scope to have a cooldown, remove damage drop off to make him deadlier at longe range so people can't just think about tanking the shots when fighing him, remove one of his smokes, revert changes to other operators that had flashbang and smokes, keep his recoil high, if you want a characther to be used for long range that uses a sniper the drop-off isn't gonna help, he also drasticaly suffers from hit reg problems with his scope, if he's meant to be a characther that provides long range support and overwathc he does that poorly instead he's a good pointman due smokes, thermal scope and the fact he loses damage at long range letting 3 speed tank a shot at long range to headshot him.
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    Glaz is really straightforward, so there isn't much to discuss about him except for his design problems with the recent thermal scope update.
    I've been one to agree in the past that his thermal should be togglable, but the more I think about it, the less I'm sure if even that's a good change for him. I'm gonna start off with what I wish Glaz originally was, a sniper with a VSS Vintorez and a PP2000. What is he now? A powerful entry fragger with probably the worst and most boring dmr in the game. Doesn't that just boggle the mind? Glaz is just downright oppressive with smoke grenades and with small room objectives, like 2F Club House, I don't think it's possible to win against him. His thermal will spot you with ease in every nook and cranny the normal human eye will usually miss.
    I feel as if thermal vision is a a skill that doesn't suit glaz's kit. Actually, I feel as if glaz's kit doesn't suit R6S in general which probably explains what I wish he originally was. This is why I'm not sure about what to do about Glaz anymore, I don't think there's any saving grace unless you totally rehaul the operator as a whole once again.
    It then leads to the question, where does thermal vision belong? Clearly not the attackers, otherwise we'd have the same problem over again. A defender with thermal vision though? Seems weird but also wouldn't really be such a bad thing. I mean, attackers have a prep phase where then can identify a thermal-using defender, meaning they have total knowledge of the consequences of using smoke for that round. It also means that this operator would only have one source of friendly smoke to use, from Smoke, and he wouldn't be able to walk into that smoke cloud and become the same problem Glaz currently is. Lastly, he'd probably not have any sort of a major gadget like jammers or armour packs, so picking both smoke and this thermal operator would eat into the team lineup taking away from your Caveira picks, your Rook picks etc which raises an interesting drafting decision.
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    The damage nerf to Glaz was a very good change but i believe the better course of action regarding smoke was to just remove his ability to see through smoke.
    Having targets light up in bright yellow even if its just a single pixel of the elbow was a good enough change for his original role of covering windows and dealing with spawn peekers, he didn't need to be able to see through smoke.
    The granade switch caused operators to lose granades that fit their role.
    Jackal lost flash which was perfect for his role.
    Thermite makes no sense with flashes and smoke was great at giving him some cover if he wanted to block vision from an area while placing his charge.
    Ash with flashbangs is a straight buff to an already top tier operator, she does make more sense with flashbangs for sure but shes just too good compared to IQ/capitao now (same with hibana).

    Remove his ability to see through smoke, give him an extra (maybe even two) magazine of ammunition and switch granades between Thermite and Jackal again.
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    One thought I have had regarding glaz has to do with his dmg table. With the introduction of the thermal scope, he became much more of a front liner than sniper. The problem here is quite evident.

    Prior to this, his rate of fire and recoil were tweaked to increase his viability as well, but the thermal scope has caused a back track, with the addition of a dmg nerf.

    He is supposed to be a sniper. I think a much more practical solution would be to invert his dmg table. That is, do more dmg at long range than close range. I feel this would make him fill his roll as a sniper much more clearly while simultaneously make him a much more dangerous long range engagement. Further tweaks may be necessary, but I think it would achieve the nerf people requested.

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    Great feedback from everyone so far!

    I figured our Glaz discussion would stray from the prompts more than usual, which is absolutely fine.

    We are really hoping to see more opinions on Glaz's recent changes and hear the community ideas on him overall.
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    No sense to nerf Glaz. What happen to Ash nerf? She should be ban.
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    Glaz was totally fine the way he was when they introduced the thermal.
    He finally could do what he was supposed to do (kill peakers and snipe) reducing the damage made him kind of useless again.
    I saw we have some Plat and Diamon players in this top ... and guys lets be honest .. glaz isnt that big of a deal.
    I win every single one of my close combats against him because his scope is absolutely useless in CC and if i know the enemy team has a glaz i know that i have to avoid certain spots.
    He still has only like.. 3 or for maps where hes a valid option (kanal,P-Plane,maybe favella and house) and with the bad hit-reg(especially in the last week) + nerfed damage hes pretty useless.
    To be honest only low Rank players seem to have a big issue with him and ofcourse jger mains.

    Bost up the damage again.
    Get rid of the smokes and hes balanced even with the thermal scope.

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    I feel strongly the nerf was not implemented correctly. The highlighter scope should be turned off entirely, and the scope should just simply allow glaz to see through smoke.

    Damage should be returned to pre nerf levels, also with reduced damage fall off at distance, to actually make engaging from a distance worth it.

    Change recoil however is necessary.

    Scope zoom could be increased to make it more burdensome to use inside.
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    As I've stated in previous posts, a simple change to Glaz could be accomplished by simply limiting the use of the thermal scope. I don't see a need to nerf his recoil or damage IF the thermal aspect of his scope was limited.

    Every operator in the game has some limitations on their gadget(s):

    >Ash has two breaching rounds.
    >Twitch gets two drones.
    >Echo has to let his drone recharge after three sonic blasts.
    >Sledge has a health bar assigned to his hammer.

    You might argue that Pulse and IQ can use their devices infanitly, but I would counter that by insisting they too have limitations. In the case of Pulse the time it takes for him to put the sensor away, draw his weapon, and ADS is quite long (not to mention the enemy can hear him putting it away if close enough)... long enough that he's vulnerable for an extensive period of time (in R6 time). With IQ, while she can technically shoot with her gadget active - let's be real. A rather weak pistol against an assault rifle would lead to many an IQ death.

    Yet, Glaz can literally use his gadget through the entire match.

    You don't need to change his weapon's recoil or damage to balance him. You can simply do one of the following:

    1. Give him three "thermal charges." He can arm his scope at all times but can only activate the termal setting three times per round for 20 seconds per activation. This means that when the thermal is not activated or has been depleted looking through his scope will be like it was before the thermal was added.

    2. Give his thermal a use and cool down period. He can activate it for 20 seconds and then reactive it after a 20 or 30 second cool down.

    Of course in both options he can still use his scope, but without the thermal active it'll be like using it pre-buff.

    I think those are reasonable options that would cater to both sides of the debate.
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