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    I buy everything as well

    Mainly to support the product, but also because it's a great way to discover new stuff that I wouldn't normally listen to, or play.

    Every song I own, I've played at least 3 or 4 times. When I'm not playing anything specifically, I tend to go to learn a song, sort by recommended, which seems to basically mean least played, and go down the list, playing whatever is up next, so that way, all my DLC gets played.

    I'll often find that something I didn't like on first play when I bought it that I enjoy it more later on, not all of them are like that, but quite a lot are, I find.
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    Sad truth

    Folks want money for their work so if Ubisoft gave us free stuff, the money would come out of THEIR pocket.

    so, not happening. well at least not with top bands.
    and that is what we get.

    I do not mind paying for DLC...in this title...well worth it.
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