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    Can't play as all the servers are empty

    I just spent 50 euros but I can't play as all the servers are empty. What is the plan for a refound?
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    **** you

    I have been trying all the regions for more than 24 hours, I only met one persone!
    Screw you Ubisoft slackers!
    50 euros wasted, **** you!
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    Into court

    I'm going to take that into course tomorrow
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    So, how did court go?
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    Same Issue

    Having the same issue as this guy. The first day it worked great and I hoped into several games and had a great time. However for the last 2 days all I get are empty rooms. I have tried different server's and gotten the same result. Is this a bug? or is it no one is playing?

    Playing on Oculus Rift
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    It helps to make an extensive Friends List with other WWI Players... I logged into the US server yesterday and found it empty, then checked the EU server and found it empty as well. I was about to give up and play a different game, but looked at my Friends List while in the EU server and noticed a couple friends playing there... I joined their game and had a reat time.

    It would be nice if there was an option to see how many games, if any, were ongoing on the server, with an option to wait in a que, while sitting in an empty game wondering if other players might show up. It would at least give you hope and a reason to wait at an empty table.
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