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    Base of Operations

    The Division - Base of Operations & Endgame Survey


    We would like to hear your thoughts & feedback on the base of operations and endgame activities in the game. We have put together a survey to gather more of your comments and feedback.

    The survey is a little bit longer then some of our past surveys, but stick with it agents! We want as much feedback as possible and value it greatly!

    The Division - Base of Operations & Endgame Survey (via SurveyMonkey)

    As always, do not hesitate to provide your thoughts in this thread!

    Thank you!

    /The Division team
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    Underground needs some love. My favorite game mode. Last Stand also needs more modes and maps.
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    Done: I like how the lategame is having some attention.
    My answers pretty much where, anything to have it like the 1-30 experience.
    I'd like a continuous world you can explore like the 1-30 game, instead of the segmented gameplay it is right now; magic teleport to mission, complete it, sell gear. Repeat.
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    I'm from Germany, so sorry for some bad english.
    I have completet teh full survey but want to say something here.

    I have started this game at release with a lot of friends, we had A LOT of fun playing together, questing, doing dungeons etc.
    But with the time it's getting more and more boring, one after the other had quittet the game.
    So at last I stand alone and tryed the game solo, but the fun was gone, So I had to quit the game to.
    After a lot of time (some months) I come back with 2 friends, we got theme a new chance, we played some days and we was bored again and we must quit again.
    After some time (last week), i saw an division video on youtube, was like a small nostalgia for me... So i updatet the game again logged in AND... I had NO idea what to do...
    I was running around doing random things, something for the dailys etc., looked for grps to do dungeons AND was bored again.
    Have set my world difficulty one more up, and now it was from to easy to die here, die there, hcvdsövuasdgvsuigvbuis face to the keyboard.
    I have no Idea was to do, there is no real navigation that is saying you what is new or what I can do now to get progress in the game.
    So my brain was ****ed from all the "I dont know what to do and even if... could I solo reach something to make progress here?!"
    So I logged out and I ended it a last time.

    For me its one of the most games that I rly love from the art of playing, and the first one that get some more chances from me.
    If you want hate me, but this was my experience with the game.
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    Legendary missions should have been on the list of activities.

    I'd love to see Underground be expanded to about 4 times the number of areas it has now. I also wouldn't mind seeing five-phase Legendary Underground missions, with a checkpoint after each phase, that award an exotic cache or Classified gear item. Preferably not limited to once a week.
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    - more survival (more atmosphere like the wind and the darkness. what about fog and nice light effects!!!)
    - more underground (more challenging modes again)
    - more legendary missions
    - realy hard HVTs
    - more athmosphere in the darkzone (fog and stuff)

    we love the game btw! ; )
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    I think this game needed some kind of QUEST, a objective based small story line, something like, 3 or 4 missions per week with some guide on what mission do and for what (missions with order). put the factions in some other maps will be great to make the game feels new, the ;briefing' for the mission can be done with only text, no problem and every one will have something to do with some objective, No one will feel lost on what to do.
    Put some objectives in 4 missions in a row is better than 4 missions in a row without any objective at all.

    and... please, put more density in the enemies in the LZ

    Sorry english is not my primary language.
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    Revisit the trophies in the DLC, they are way too grindy. I got the base game, it was fun and earned the Platinum trophy. Basically 100% the base game for you Xbox guys I stupidly purchased Underground before checking the trophies and what a grindy borefest getting to Underground Rank 40 was. After that time sink, I never want to touch Underground again. You made that trophy simply too demanding, it should've been complete 10 Underground Missions or Reach Rank 15. Same with the 55 Audio Logs, that was a headache that took longer than Rank 40. The trophies should be enough to get people into the DLC but not so much that you hate it afterwards.

    With that said, not buying nor touching Survival or Last Man after looking at those. Extract 100 items? Way too much right there, the base game doesn't even demand that many extractions. Drop that to 10 items. People that did 100 can keep their special vanity items.

    Now Last Stand. Win 50 rounds? Yawn, too much of a time sink. This should be much lower, the mode doesn't look that exciting and I'd rather play the base game with my time.

    What was the philosophy of developing these trophies? Make players play each DLC over and over and over until they are bored to death? Lesson learned with Underground trophies, not touching anymore DLC of the Division. They don't look fun at all.
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    Base of Operations needs some upgrades, new upgrades if possible, research and development sounds good
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    Harder content and some kind of clan guild system.

    Hello all.

    Now The Division has been out for awhile and people have done the same incursions and legendaries countless times and it feels just like you now days log in get a exotic box and log out.

    It would be nice if there was some kind of key system with levels so you can make it even more harder for the groups that want it in legendaires and incursions for vanity gear etc or some reputation grind or so for the same vanity gear.

    Also its hard for me as solo player who has no friends playing The Division with the current system to get a group playing since there is no sort of clan/guild system you can join and chat in to make friends easier and plan stuff or just hang out.

    Many times it feel like you play a team game with smarter bots.

    Have anice day all.
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