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    Beyond Good and Evil 2: Why You'll Need a Crew and How to Get One


    Very appreciated but all mostly info we already know.

    I know it must be hard, considering this game is possibly years away from any sort of playable release (maybe months if you count an early access build), to keep hype up and keep content flowing to the fans, without giving too much away for now.

    Still, I do appreciate these regular videos, and i'm sure once in a while we'll get a sneak peek of some new bits of BGE2 here and there.
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    When I saw a new video on my Youtube subscription list I immediately bursted into happiness
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    Still worth waiting for. Will be a good game if the developers take their goals seriously.
    My only concern is that the game quests or "mechanics" will be repetitive as they are in most mmorpg games lately.
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    I t will be a good game, even If the project will be smaller than expected. I don't think there is a risk to get a MMORPG-like. As the dev said : they will try to get a real world plenty of life and, as I expect, with plenty of good "scripted quests".
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    What I've seen and read so far presents a very ambitious, awesome world and game. I really do hope it all comes to fruition. The characters are wonderfully crafted and the world is amazing.
    The thing that really impressed me was learning that we can choose our crew from a vast diversity of characters each with their own personality - and that this somehow impacts o the design of the ship. My God this kind of creativity, AI and gameplay is going to make the BGE the only game world I'll be going to for a very, very long time. Please Ubi, give these guysy all the money, resources and time they need to achieve their goal
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    We need more info about the crew and how they work In the next Beyond good and evil 2 livestream.
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